How Icelandic innovators are taking on an industry

By Editor July 22, 2015


How Icelandic innovation is changing the way you travel

Icelandic innovators have launched a revolutionary product that defies our conventional way of travelling and planning trips. By using state of the art programming TripCreator creates tailor made plans AND offers the best prices available – what took days to accomplish is now done instantly. The tool is free to use and TripCreator is truly a one-stop-shop that makes travel planning easy. It is built on decades of travel experience by the owners and staff who have put their soul into creating a service that they truly believe will change the world.

Necessity is the mother of invention

TripCreator is the brainchild of CEO and founder Hilmar Halldórsson. The idea came to him after battling with his own frustrations over travel planning. He felt the need to create a platform where you can get detailed information about your destination, plan your trip and book it, all in one place. He wanted to make trip planning fun and enjoyable for everyone.

Iceland is a unique destination year round

Iceland is the first destination for this regional travel planner. Iceland is a country full of natural wonders, rugged landscapes and unique experiences and travellers tend to fall deeply in love with it. With TripCreator you can explore everything the country has to offer and plan and book your own perfect trip with accommodation, rental cars, activities and interesting places to visit.

TripCreator is all you need for planning your trip, there is no need to look any further.

Quotes from customers:

“I truly loved your site and it really inspired me. It made me wonder why every country didn’t already do this!”

“From finding your site, to booking the trip, to getting support for a last minute change has been a wonderful experience. I wish there was a for everywhere I travel.”