InterraIT announces new AI solutions for test automation and next-generation digital experiences using AutonomIQ Autonomous Testing platform, shaping the future of software testing

By Sam Brake Guia October 3, 2018

Our society is slowly warming up to the idea of AI playing a more prevalent role in our lives. As we test the water with AI throughout society, it is becoming increasingly clear that tests involving AI have the potential to do a world of good across many industries. For example, according to Science Daily, AI can improve doctors’ ability to correctly interpret tests and diagnose lung disease.

“We found that diagnosis by AI was more accurate in twice as many cases as diagnosis by pulmonologists. These results show how AI can serve as a second opinion for pulmonologists when they are assessing and diagnosing their patients,” states Dr Marko Topalovic (PhD), a postdoctoral researcher at the Laboratory for Respiratory Diseases, Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven), reports Science Daily.

But AI’s uses don’t stop there. InterraIT, a global software services provider, today announced the availability of AI-based test automation and digital experience using the autonomous testing platform provided by AutonomIQ. InterraIT’s world-class global solutions consulting and IT services capability combined with the artificial intelligence, machine learning and intelligent automation capabilities of AutonomIQ’s autonomous testing platform will help global enterprises realize value from their digital initiatives much faster, with much higher quality.

“The burgeoning AI disruptions can be difficult to navigate as the vendor landscape raises across the industries and applications,” said Asoke K. Laha, Founder & CEO InterraIT Inc. “With decades of experience, InterraIT is well positioned to lead the way in helping businesses make smarter decisions through the adoption of AI tools, and our partnership with AutonomIQ only enhances this.”

“InterraIT has a strategic focus on extreme automation and AI in development, testing, business process and infrastructure and cloud and security space,” says Ranjan Guha, President of InterraIT’s North America Operations, “Robotic test Automation with AutonomIQ plays right into our sweet spot to provide our customers with a faster time to market solutions and services.”

Today, enterprises must spend hours writing and maintaining test scripts, keeping them from realizing the true value of continuous testing. Using AI and Machine Learning to create and maintain testing assets, allows enterprises to realize the full benefit of autonomous testing at scale.

“Global enterprises rely on systems integrators as their trusted partner to deliver innovative solutions that solve business problems,” says Ram Shanmugam, Co-founder and CEO of AutonomIQ. “By adding Autonomous Testing to their tool belt, our partners will be able to deliver solutions much faster, with much higher quality.”

Customers can find more information about this solution and other capabilities at InterraIT’s website and AutonomIQ’s website.