Introducing TidyMktr: The first smart media plan builder and campaign calendar solution for marketers

By Editor August 20, 2015


BeeReal IT, Inc., a software development company based in San Francisco, CA and Tandil, Argentina is introducing TidyMktr: the first Smart Media Plan Builder and Campaign Calendar management tool built by and for marketers. TidyMktr ( helps marketers save time, get organized and communicate more effectively by providing a beautiful, simple, and smart media plan builder, which comes loaded with benchmarks and integrates with a clutter-free, dedicated campaign calendar.

Today, busy marketers run complex, interdependent media and campaign programs using layers of spreadsheets and disconnected documents. Communication of these plans to executives, sales teams, and teammates is an equally ineffective and inefficient process, wasting the marketers time pulling these plans all together while making them look disorganized and scattered.

Focusing on teamwork, time, and organization, aims to change all of that by keeping multiple team members and campaigns organized, integrated, on time and on budget, while making it easier to communicate these plans professionally with the greater team.

“The process of juggling marketing campaigns across different marketing managers and teams can be overwhelming,” said Julia Lera, CEO. “With TidyMktr, we have strived to give marketers the best possible tool to keep their work organized, with media projections they can trust and a simple but powerful campaign calendar to keep their team aligned.”

Smart Media Plan Builder

Marketers can create one-click media plans with automatic formulas, leveraging pre-loaded performance benchmarks. A professional looking media plan can then be easily shared with stakeholders for quick approvals.

Marketing Campaign Calendar

TidyMktr provides a dedicated, simple and clutter-free marketing calendar. Campaign Managers, Content Managers, Social Media Managers and Event Planners can visualize their programs, foster team collaboration and improve communication.


TidyMktr is offered free for the first 30 days and several affordable subscription plans are available for individuals, small teams, larger teams and digital media agencies.

“I can’t believe we used to spend so much time manually creating bad-looking media plans,” said Marina Taliberto, of leading Social Media Agency SoupInteractive. “Now my team works faster and smarter and we are able to bring in more business.”