Investor Accelerator, Venture University, Announces The Launch Of Angel Immersion Program For Aspiring Investors

By Sam Brake Guia February 4, 2020

Venture University (VU), an investor accelerator for venture capital, private equity, and angel investing, today announces the launch of its Angel Immersion Program. VU’s Angel Immersion Program distinguishes itself from other angel programs by offering an Angel Masterclass taught by seasoned VC and angel investors, multiple immersion experiences including quarterly private investor-only networking events in San Francisco and New York City, and ability to co-invest alongside top performing VCs through VU’s Investor Syndicate with no annual membership fees. 

The program focuses on educating and professionalizing individuals who are interested in angel investing, co-investing with VCs, and becoming LPs in funds. Participants will learn the strategies and skills of sourcing, due diligence, evaluating, and investing in startups as an angel. VU’s Angel Immersion Program costs $5,000 to attend and is held over a four day period in San Francisco. Individuals can also join virtually via Zoom, making the program accessible to investors around the world. 

Angel investing is a vital part of entrepreneurial growth in the U.S. and globally, with angels investing around $25 billion in 70,000 companies per year in the U.S. Without angels, many startups wouldn’t receive the investment they need to continue to build their company and product..

The instructors of the Angel Masterclass include VU’s investment partners, angels, and super angels with extensive experience in early stage investing within Silicon Valley across verticals such as Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Healthcare, and Frontier Tech. The Angel Immersion Program is being led by Jagruti Bhikha, a super angel with ~50+ angel investments in her personal angel portfolio, an LP in VC funds, and author of Impact With Wings, which is focused on inspiring and mobilizing women angel investors.

The Angel Immersion Program will take place four times per year. The dates of the upcoming Angel Immersion Programs are Winter 2020: Fri, Mar 20th – Mon, Mar 23rd and Spring 2020: Fri, Jun 5th – Mon, Jun 8th.

The agenda of the program includes a Friday night Welcome Dinner, followed by the Angel Masterclass on Saturday and Sunday. Monday’s program includes reviewing top quarterly investment opportunities with the ability to co-invest and attending REVERSE DEMO DAY in San Francisco, where VU’s investment team presents the investment thesis on each investment opportunity.

“There is truly no other angel investing program out there as comprehensive and immersive in terms of benefits as VU’s Angel Immersion Program,” said J. Skyler Fernandes, Founder at Venture University and General Partner at VU Venture Partners

“The benefits of doing the Angel Immersion Program go far beyond the Angel Masterclass itself, by providing continuous access to top curated dealflow, a proprietary investor network, and the ability to dive straight into the world of angel investing by co-investing alongside top performing VC investors.”

VU’s Investor Syndicate includes over 400+ angel investors who co-invest in 2-5 companies each quarter alongside VU Venture Partners, seasoned VCs, family offices, and angels. The investments are sourced from over 10,000+ companies per year by VU’s investment team of 35+ investors, with offices in San Francisco and New York City, and whose top performing investment professionals have invested $1.8B+ in 250+ companies and have a 4x+ net cash return as early investors in Beyond Meat, Facebook, Uber, Twitter, Venmo, and more.

To sign-up for VU’s Angel Immersion Program, click here. Individuals do not need to be accredited investors to take the Angel Masterclass, but are required to be accredited investors to invest in VU’s Investor Syndicate.

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company