KardZee releases mobile app, marking company’s launch in beta

By Editor May 23, 2016

New App Learns & Stores Users’ Own Handwriting, Making it Possible to Send Real Handwritten Cards Right from A Smartphone

SAN FRANCISCO, CA –May 20, 2016 – San Francisco-based start-up KardZee has announced the release of the KardZee mobile app, which also marks the company’s launch in beta. Using patent-pending technology designed by KardZee, the just-released, on-demand mobile platform learns and stores users’ handwriting (as opposed to taking a screenshot), making it easy to send real, handwritten cards right from a smartphone.

KardZee, the brainchild of Keverne Denahan, was borne out of necessity when Keverne found herself in a rural location and needing to send an anniversary card to her parents. After spending three hours to find and mail a card, Keverne decided to create KardZee so that she – and others – could send personal, handwritten cards anytime, from anywhere. Today, the company is committed to disrupting the way the world buys and creates real printed and posted cards, and believes that mobile technology can provide solutions to our everyday obligations and needs.

“Mobile technology has changed our everyday lives in so many different ways, but there are still certain things that we can’t yet do with our phones,” said Keverne. “KardZee fills one of these holes – making it possible, and extremely convenient, for people to send real cards, in their own handwriting, while they’re on the go. We’re very excited about the impact we believe KardZee will have on the greeting card industry – completely transforming the way we all send cards.”

Senders can choose to use one of the stock card designs available in the KardZee mobile platform, or can upload their own images to add even more of a personal touch to their postcards and greeting cards. They can also choose from stock sentiments to be featured on their card – or can write their own. A partnership with Amazon enables KardZee senders to include a digital gift card with their handwritten cards, which recipients can scan and spend through their own smartphone.

Pricing starts at $2.99 for a postcard. Traditional greeting cards cost $4.99.

Additional information about KardZee is available at http://www.kardzee.com.