Leaders in NYC to come together at Harlem Tech Summit this August 12th

By Sebastian Castro August 6, 2020

Harlem Tech Summit, the NYC organization founded by Derrick H. Lewis and Eddie F. Cullen, has announced that its 2020 conference will be hosted this August 12th. The conference is set to highlight Harlem and debate how to close the opportunity gap.

Said Co-Founder Eddie Cullen, “It is time we change the narrative for an inclusive future. In order to achieve change, we must have actionable economic outcomes.”

“When we bring our national community together, the sky’s the limit. We can accomplish anything,” added the entrepreneur.

Speakers at the conference include a who’s who of NYC tech, including:

  • Geoff Bartakovics, Artifact.co COO 
  • Karen Bhatia, NYCEDC Senior Vice President
  • Rocky Bucano, Co-Founder Universal Hip Hop Museum Executive Director
  • Julia Collins, Planet FWD Founder
  • Marian Croak, Google Vice President of Engineering
  • Adrianne Gladden-Young, and Senior Research Associate in Pardis Sabeti’s lab at the Broad Institute and Harvard University
  • Talani Goodson, Starfund Partner
  • Drederick Irving, Venture Capitalist and Community Leader
  • Kyrie Irving
  • Henri Pierre-Jacques, Harlem Capital Partners Managing Partner
  • Robert Raben, Former Assistant Attorney General and President of the Raben Group
  • John W. Rogers Jr., Investor
    Mandela Schumacher Hodge-Dixon, Founder Gym CEO
  • Gil Eyal, Starfund Partner
  • Ryan Williams, Entrepreneur
  • Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist

In Harlem close to 80% of its population has access to only 6.4% of loaned capital. According to “Project Diane”, from 2012 to 2014 only 24 out of 10,238 venture deals went to Black women.

Partners at the conference include Purdue University, Univision, The Harlem Collective, NYC/EDC, Harlem Capital Partners, the Universal Hip Hop Museum, Cadre, Work School, Planet FWD, SAM, Common Good, Pastors Walk Enterprises, America Media, Knowledge House, and Hillcrest Venture Partners.

To learn more visit: https://www.techsummitseries.com