Lightning Pitch: CleverControl Agent – Keep track your employees’ actions on their computers

By Editor July 11, 2016

COMPANY: CleverControl Agent


CleverControl Agent is a powerful system that allows you to keep track of all your employees’ actions on their computers. You can monitor your employees’ activity remotely through a personal secure account from anywhere around the globe.

CleverControl Agent tracks various operations including all Internet activity like web-surfing, chats, IM, and most importantly, social networking. Slackers will no longer be able to waste time as CleverControl can also monitor applications running employees’ workstations and duration of work time. In addition, there are such features as tracking removable drive and printer activity which could also help to prevent corporate information leakage.

CleverControl Agent has a fully hidden mode so no activity will elude it. All data from monitored computers is collected in your online account where you can check information presented in the form of convenient analytical charts and graphs and also see all of your staff activity in real-time. With CleverControl, staff monitoring becomes really easy for business owners as neither IT department nor any special skills are required to install and use the program.