Lightning Pitch: Clipchamp – Smart video compression that speeds up video uploads

By Editor July 6, 2016

COMPANY: Clipchamp


Clipchamp has developed the first smart video uploader and recorder, offering web-based video uploads up to 20 times faster than traditional methods–this is pure HTML5, no Flash, and no unnecessary installs.

The company’s free video recording and upload service lets YouTubers, students, or anyone wanting to share video online upload content faster than ever, using its proprietary in-browser technology. Clipchamp has built the first sophisticated HTML5 video webcam on desktop, and have a full video compression and conversion stack in the browser, meaning it can produce the videos before the user uploads them. The business API (subscriptions start at $25/month) also provides the same capability for any company that wants to include videos from their users on the website, letting users upload videos directly to their cloud and company internal backends.

Clipchamp records and uploads video directly to its customers’ Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure or internal backends. This means no video is ever processed or uploaded to any Clipchamp server. Clipchamp’s solution is the only online video recording, compression, and conversion technology in the market that is private by design, helping businesses to be compliant with various online privacy laws (such as COPPA and HIPAA).

The four co-founders all met and worked together at SAP in different areas across Australia and Germany. They came together with a mission to build the largest distributed supercomputer in the world; a zettaflop computing resource as a service, ten years ahead of scientific predictions.

The vision was great, but for a small Australian startup it was hard to execute. So the founders took the video technology they had developed and turned it into Clipchamp.

The team is excited by the mind-blowing amount of video that gets transmitted every day. Add to that the latest generation of mobile phone cameras, action cameras, drone cameras, or single lens cameras that record amazing but huge videos, and the societal trend to share amazing experiences with friends and the world. As the online world increasingly turns to video, there is a requirement for better and faster facilities, providing a great opportunity for Clipchamp.