Lightning Pitch: Stiya – Journal from your mobile phone

By Editor July 7, 2016



Stiya is a self-writing journal for your mobile phone. Using a beautiful, searchable and shareable interface, Stiya will document experiences for you by automatically creating beautiful, searchable, and shareable daily journals. Let Stiya help, so you can enjoy life and have all those precious memories in your pocket. Stiya targets the $15 billion business of brand ambassadors, content creation, and publishing by transforming hundreds of millions of everyday consumers into visual story-tellers and brand ambassadors.

Consumers are looking for better ways to capture and share their experiences without having to become professional bloggers. Brands are paying millions of dollars for brand ambassadors–with limited results.

Stiya is the next generation content creation and multimedia publishing platform for the everyday consumer. We use artificial intelligence, sophisticated geolocation, and automation to transform everyday life experiences into beautiful, personalized, branded stories. These stories can be leveraged by businesses and their customers in explosively viral ways, giving brands a competitive edge in providing the much-needed word of mouth.