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IT classroom courses marketplace.


DXpertise is an IT training courses aggregation platform that allows developers to find the best ones available on the market.

The platform is made by developers for developers with the aim to increase the knowledge level of each one of us in order to make the whole industry better, more challenging, more qualified, more satisfying and more fun!


Two of the main competitors are Course Report and

They are not focused only on IT courses—we are only targeting the niche market of developers and aspiring ones. Their search engine is not filtering with enough criteria, so is not giving much help to the end user; we built a search engine with usability in mind. In conclusion, they are just marketplaces with no extra service. We offer the same, but better structured, and in addition a whole platform to handle booking, payments, and scheduling (sessions and lessons).

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Fabio Cicerchia is the only founder, very passionate for his job (which is his hobby as well), always been interested in programming and especially in web development.

With a background as web developer with over 10 years of experience, it was not difficult to build the whole website from the ground-up, from the technical planning and design to the first MVP (Minimum Viable Product). At the moment, he is focusing as well on non-technical aspects such as marketing, sales, accounting, and others aspects related to DXpertise.
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  • mike802

    Sounds like you have a long road ahead of you. I’ve only used courses in more popular markets like Kahn Academy and Coursera, so I don’t know how a search platform will work. There is definitely a lot of international interest for online courses, so good luck.

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