Lightning Pitch: Entrée – Your restaurant in real-time

By Editor March 31, 2015

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Your restaurant in real-time.


Entrée is restaurant point-of-sale, made smarter. Our reconstructed, intuitive user interface radically improves the way servers, managers, and staff complete their tasks. Real-time analytics, faster workflows for servers, and integrated front-of-house management streamline daily operations, increase efficiency, and reinvent how POS works for restaurants.

Our connected platform allows for smarter analytics not accessible with basic reporting on older systems and other mobile competitors. Inventory recommendations, employee efficiency metrics, and interactive revenue figures allow owners to make more informed decisions and create a better experience for their staff and guests alike.

Entrée is not simply trying to copy the interfaces and features of the longstanding and entrenched point-of-sale systems and bring them to iPads and other mobile devices. We seek to address the needs of modern owners and managers and understand the importance of intuitive user experiences, more than basic spreadsheets and reports, and help owners navigate in an extremely competitive industry. Smarter analytics is key to the future of the restaurant industry and we hope to provide our owners with data that is useful and give them confidence in the way they operate. Entrée’s focus on stability allows it to be a viable option for businesses of any size, and our belief in clean design allows restaurant staff to be more efficient, turn tables faster, and create a truly smarter restaurant experience.

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Entrée was founded by students looking to bring smarter design and analytics into the restaurant point-of-sale market.

Siddharth Gutta is the CEO of Entrée and a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin where he studies Economics and History. He brings his experience working for several innovative startups and co-founding an online tutoring marketplace, Radix Prep.

Jesse Tipton is the CTO of Entrée and a freshman Computer Science major at the University of Texas at Austin. A freelance iOS developer for three years, Jesse is bringing his knowledge of mobile into a field that severely lacks thoughtful design, especially in the mobile space.

Alikhan Karimi is the Chief Design Officer at Entrée and is a sophomore at SMU studying Management and Biochemistry. A freelance graphic designer for four years, Alikhan founded his own design firm and has worked for several companies developing logos and crafting his UI knowledge and skills.

Niraj Patel is the Chief Web Engineer at Entrée, and is a senior Computer Science major at the University of Texas at Austin. Niraj is currently building Entrée’s analytics platform and has worked as a developer for companies such as HomeAway and SimplyTapp.

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