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Floor plan plugin for event software.

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION is a plugin for ticketing and event registration websites that makes it easy to sell reserved seating tickets—ticket buyers can select their seats on an interactive floor plan.

For online ticket sellers, this presents a complex technical challenge. First, no two venues are the same, so it takes a software developer and designer to create a floor plan each and every time.

Equally important—room layouts can, and often do, change. And when they do, you’ll need your tech expert again to edit the floor plan. And finally, of course, you’ll want your customers to be able to buy tickets from any device or browser.

That’s where comes in. Our online floor plan designer tool gives anyone without technical skills the ability to draw great-looking floor plans, straight in the browser and to seamlessly integrate them in any registration web page. You can edit your floor plan whenever you need to, without having to call in your developer—yes, even when the ticket sales are already running. And of course we built from the ground-up to be fully responsive: Our floor plans not only work on your phone or tablet, they’ll look great as well.

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