Lightning Pitch: Equidam – Online discovery of your company value

By Editor July 2, 2015

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COMPANY: Equidam


Online discovery of your company value.


The Equidam platform helps companies big and small measure, track and grow their business value. How does that work? The platform creates a valuation for your business based upon answers to guided questions about company structure and financials. Don’t know a thing about finance? That’s okay! These questions are formulated so that any business owner is able to answer with ease.

In the short-term, Equidam can be seen as a tool that determines the economic value of a company. The platform may be even more useful in the long-term, providing users with an inexpensive and real-time value monitoring system. With unlimited access to this knowledge, a manager can prove their worth to investors, make informed strategic decisions, leverage core competencies and compare with competitors in their industry. The system can be easily integrated into daily practices and serves as a virtual financial consultant – always at your disposal.

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Equidam was founded in 2013 by Daniel Faloppa and Gianluca Valentini, two Italians living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The two co-founders obtained their master’s degrees in finance from the Rotterdam School of Management and set out to offer an affordable, accurate and easy-to-use solution for CEOs and CFOs to understand the economic value of their companies.

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