Lightning pitch: Genio, the service that offers on-demand handymen

By Oliver Griffin October 7, 2016

Company: Genio

Headquarters: San Francisco

Country of operation: US

Founding team: CEO, Jose L. Roqueñi

Why we like it: Because we’re lazy. What’s not to love about an app that makes it easier to get stuff done while not increasing any of our own effort? Besides, they also employ veterans so you’ll be supporting people that need some help, too. 

Wouldn’t life be bliss if we all had a personal assistant to call on when we needed a little help?

Busy work schedules mean chores at home often get pushed to the bottom of the pile. Modern day life means the average person has more money but less time. In our consumer-crazy society, being crafty and resourceful isn’t really a thing anymore and we’ve almost forgotten how to fix things for ourselves.


With less time and less DIY knowledge to do simple tasks like cleaning the house or fixing a leak, the need for a helping hand is more evident than ever.

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Closing the tech diversity gap

On-demand services platform Genio is offering just that, skilled, experienced helping hands provided by US war veterans. Based in Silicon Valley and currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, Genio’s genius idea is that the handy heroes will arrive on your doorstep at the snap (or tap) of your fingers to take care of the jobs you aren’t able to.

The app grants you your wish, be it walking the dog, assembling furniture or mounting a TV,  and in less than 60 minutes a skilled contractor will come to your rescue.

Today 55 million Americans working are freelancers, by 2020 40% of American workers will be independent contractors, many of which fall into on-demand industries. Genio enables users to skip the tedious researching to contract someone as the service will have already done all of that for you. All services are the same standard price of $40 per hour, 75% of which will go to the contractor, and this will be paid automatically within the app making the process simple and rapid.

Letting strangers into our homes can be daunting but don’t worry, these handymen are people you can trust, they’ll have gone through thorough background checks including criminal records and skills.

Genio holds the belief that servicemen and women need to be integrated back into society on their return from war and having suitable job opportunities is key. That’s why It makes it easy for vets to find work whilst maintaining a good quality of life. With Genio, they get to choose the job they do and when they do it.

This app offers veterans a constructive way of earning good money on good terms and offers everyone else a quick, reliable service for solving common household problems that we’re too inept or time-poor to do ourselves.