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By Editor February 13, 2015

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PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: HiMama is an app that provides a quick-and-easy way for child care programs to record and share children’s activities with parents; everything from silly and fun moments to learning and developmental milestones. Our solution is based on extensive research and interviews with early childhood educators, and enables quick-and-intuitive recording of observations as well as instant sharing with parents through real-time emails and updates through our mobile apps. Leading early learning programs and child care providers use HiMama to build stronger relationships with their families and streamline operations.

We serve child care programs and parents both, creating a win-win for all parties. For child care programs, we make documentation faster and communication with parents more effective, addressing two major pain points. For parents, we understand the importance of them knowing about their child’s well-being, and learning through a private and secure channel that is low effort to accommodate their busy schedules.

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Ron Spreeuwenberg, co-founder and CEO – Over eight years management consulting experience, helping global companies to improve their operations through technology. Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and MBA from Harvard Business School.

Alana Frome, co-founder and CTO – Over eight years of web development experience across various industries, working with large global companies and startups. Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.


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