Lightning Pitch: ReClickd

By Editor February 13, 2015

ReClickd logoCOMPANY: ReClickd

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Social management and incentives platform for Stripe. Generate leads and increase sales from social.

ReClickd is a social media management and incentives platform for Stripe customers. Create offers, manage your social media and gain a deeper understanding of your social community. We deliver ROI metrics for SaaS and ecommerce businesses.

How it works:

  1. Simply connect your Twitter and Facebook profiles/pages and link your Stripe checkout with one-click integration.
  2. Create and launch offers out to your social channels.
  3. Measure your performance, generate leads and increase sales.

So how do the offers work? When an offer is shared with your network, users have to re-share it with their friends in order to redeem it—every share creates more exposure and increases the offer reach, naturally exposing your brand to new people.

The ReClickd Social CRM provides your business with a detailed breakdown of specific user profiles, activity, customer purchases and influence data to enhance a company’s understanding of its social audience. See how purchases have been influenced through social media, and track the journey of a user from fan to customer.

ReClickd helps to generate leads and increase sales from social. Access and monitor in-depth analytics and ROI metrics for social campaigns—see how much revenue you have generated from offers and view the top influencers in your network. We also provide social media management tools as standard so you can post, tweet and schedule content without interrupting your busy day.

We will be constantly adding new features to make our system more powerful, if you get on board and sign up for early access, your feedback will make the ReClickd platform better. Our early adopters will help pave the way for our journey—we are open to all ideas and feedback!

Stripe SaaS or ecommerce business? Start converting fans to customers, check out and sign up for early access!


HEADQUARTERS: United Kingdom



Owen Smith (co-founder and CEO) – Business development, sales/marketing, operations

Ainsley Evering (co-founder and CTO) – Technical development, product lifecycle, infrastructure


TWITTER: @ReClickd