Lightning Pitch: Imagpic

By Editor January 5, 2015

COMPANY: Imagpic

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Turn every image into a shopping opportunity. The Imagpic app allows website owners to turn every image into a shopping gallery. It connects visitors to items they want by placing tags that link to products featured in pictures. Visitors can switch between tag display and product information display—this helps them feel in control of advertising. Imagpic is ‘non-invasive marketing’ because it is beneficial to website (or blog) owners, ecommerce and visitors alike.

Imagpic is very easy to explain and understand what it delivers. What makes it special is the vision for a better future of marketing that uses consumer input as part of the process. Imagine if you could provide immediate feedback on a television ad, and that ad would change to what your key points are. Say: “I want the ad to be funny.” Bam! You have a funny ad playing right then and there. Say: “I want this ad to be more informative.” Bam! You have an informative ad in front of you or perhaps it sends you email with product details and offers.

With Imagpic we want to take the first step toward this vision. We are creating a community that can curate the ads in a simple way. We want every individual to have influence on how ads are displayed for them.

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FOUNDER: Jake Sroczynski: Marketing analytics expert, photography fanatic, believes that non-invasive marketing (such as product recommendations on demand) is the future of advertising.


TWITTER: @imagpic



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