Lightning Pitch: Invoiced

By Editor January 5, 2015

invoiced logoCOMPANY: Invoiced

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Invoiced is simple invoicing for freelancers and small businesses. We allow businesses to accept online payments in just a few clicks. Our focus is helping businesses get paid on time. In order to achieve this we built an entire workflow around invoicing that ensures customers will receive their invoices while making it easy for them to pay. Invoiced keeps you focused by tracking who owes you money.

As a business grows, Invoiced grows with them. Larger teams love Invoiced because each member gets their own account and invoicing becomes a collaboration. Our invoice template is fully customizable to match the needs of a variety of businesses. We also have a RESTful API that businesses use to build custom integrations and workflows. We are a product-focused team. We iterate fast, release improvements frequently, all while keeping simplicity in mind. In addition to keeping the overwhelmed business owner in mind, we have several features that power users can turn on, like fully-customizable templates or our invoicing API. We have been called the iPhone of invoicing.




Jared King was previously a freelance web developer for small businesses. He saw first hand how many small businesses struggled with billing.

Parag Patel hails from Boston with previous startup experience in healthcare, telecom and finance. He brings strong product skills to the team and is our resident Golang expert.


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