Lightning Pitch: LyfeLens – Your car, smarter

By Editor March 13, 2015




Your car. Smarter.


LyfeLens turns any car into a connected car. It does this by combining multiple technologies into a single product designed not only to solve problems every car owner experiences, but also to enhance the experience of vehicle ownership. LyfeLens connects your car with your smartphone to provide you with real-time insight and notifications of things happening in and around your vehicle while you’re not there, recording trip data with speed and location tracking, and connecting you and your passengers with a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.

LyfeLens combines multiple technologies into one extraordinary product. Each of LyfeLens’ features exist on their own in the marketplace and yet they fall short of truly satisfying. By taking the best features from various automotive technology products and combining them, LyfeLens has made it easy to stay connected to your vehicle.


Allen Stone, co-founder and CEO

Allen Stone is the co-founder and CEO of LyfeLens, which provides premium and innovative auto solutions to make cars safer and smarter. Stone brings with him a strong background in business strategy, business development, creative collaboration, marketing, and sales, which helps to ensure the growth and strategic direction of LyfeLens meets a positive future.

Stone has more than eight years of experience launching new products and services in various industries across startups and established corporations. Stone has an unstoppable desire to be engulfed in the business world and brings with him years of experience in sales, marketing, business development, R&D and growth hacking. Stone previously worked for companies including Foxworth-Galbraith, LegalZoom, and PetCru, which he co-founded.

Niko Stoenescu, co-founder and COO

As co-founder and COO of LyfeLens, Niko Stoenescu leads day-to-day operations, including product development, sales, customer service, and communications. A life-long innovator at heart, Stoenescu brings a unique skill set to the LyfeLens team.

Formally educated in communication theory with a focus on technology in communication, Stoenescu seeks to improve the way people communicate with each other and with technology. He brings more than four years of experience in sales, marketing, networking, management, business development, and product design and development.

Stoenescu has a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Dallas Baptist University.

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