Lightning Pitch: Mindfulogy

By Editor January 27, 2015

Mindfulogy logoCOMPANY: Mindfulogy

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Mindfulogy Zen Vibez – Self improvement you can feel. Mindfulogy, contraction of ‘mindful’ and ‘technology,’ is a young startup harnessing state-of-the-art science and tech to provide disrupting self improvement solutions.

Our first product, the Zen Vibez, is a wearable device taking advantage of a recent technological development made in another industry and adapted to neural stimulation.

Our technology innovatively uses the human brain’s natural response to certain external stimuli to elicit desired neural reactions and leads to powerful self-improvement effects, thus effectively helping people relieve some of their most self-limiting daily strains and pains.

The Zen Vibez will be revealed next February. We use an extensively studied neuroscientific effect in a totally new way to provide our users with life-changing pain and strain relief.

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HEADQUARTERS: Dublin, Ireland


FOUNDERS: Merouane Youcef, Francine Lie Mackenzie


TWITTER: @Mindfulogy