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Save receipts from your phone, no app required!


Instead of trusting a shoebox full of physical paper receipts, save your receipts online! Just take a picture of your receipt with your cellphone camera, then email it to Receiptron with a descriptive subject. Our helpful robot will save and categorize it for you, so that your tax time is as painless and profitable as possible. Save receipts from your inbox the same way—just forward them on to us, and we’ll put them in the same place as the others.

Receiptron can be a boon to any small business owner, artist or entrepreneur who wants an easier way to keep track of their receipts for an easier tax time.


There are some real powerhouses in this field. Certify, Expensify, and Shoeboxed are three of the heavy hitters, but they tend to focus on relaying expense reports from employees to employers, which isn’t the niche we’re targeting.

Then there are folks like Wave Receipts, Evernote Receipts, and Neat Receipts, who make great apps, but are more focused on receipts as a loss-leader to get you to sign up for their other premium services.

And of course there are dozens of smaller ‘phone app’-based solutions, which require you to download and update an app, and tend to store their data on the phone. Lose the phone, and you lose your receipts. Not much better than a shoebox!

Receiptron hits the ‘sweet spot’ in the middle, where artists, contractors—you know, small businesspeople—have a real need to just save their receipts throughout the year with as little friction as possible, and then provide that information for taxes or be able to provide them for proof of purchase.


Dan Hulton
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