Lightning Pitch: TeddyMozart – The first smart toy for the entire family

By Editor July 13, 2016





COMPANY: TeddyMozart


TeddyMozart is a Brooklyn-based startup of seven passionate musicians and consultants aiming to create a new, unique and memorable experience that transcends family memories beyond borders and time, forever, through a music streaming app and a Bluetooth plush toy. TeddyMozart is building a music stream app and Bluetooth plush toy speakers so families can play a collection of music and stories for young children from anyone, anywhere–especially recordings from family and loved ones around the world.

Family members are often in a different location or country. Songs and stories get lost in translations. Solutions on the market today, like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Hangouts don’t store your content for you–your content is scattered and unorganized.

We aim to bridge the gap between generations by helping families create and preserve lasting voice memories, forever, while providing a musical and educational listening experience for young children.