Your personal assistant at networking events.


Download the app at https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/webeam-new-way-to-meet-people/id984377291?mt=8

The WeBeam App is like your personal assistant when you attend events. The iOS app groups people based on their profession and shows you people with similar interests. The WeBeam App allows the most effortless way to exchange contact info: Using your phone’s bluetooth capabilities. Why search or type a name to your phone when you can just Beam.

Who is WeBeam for?

-Event Organizers
-Anyone who goes to meetups, conferences, tech events, job fairs
-Anyone who is frustrated with business cards and needs a better way to exchange info.



Nicholas Ivanecky, CEO and iOS Developer at WeBeam Inc.

Nicholas is constantly involved within his engineering and business community. He recently completed his master’s degree in Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation at McMaster University (April 2015). He designed the entire iOS app for Salveo Mobile Inc. and was able to bring in two partner restaurants before any coding started. His work in the mobile space includes Digablue, a local business advertising platform, where he managed a small team of iOS developers and designers in building an MVP, proving market fit, and building out the website (digablue.com). He wrote the business plan for Digablue Inc., which was a Top 10 finalist in Pythons Pit 2014.

WeBeam logo

HEADQUARTERS: Hamilton, ON, Canada

WEBSITE: www.webeamapp.com


TWITTER: @webeam

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/WeBeamApp

LINKEDIN: linkedin.com/company/webeam-inc-