Facebook advertising the brainy way

By Ben Allen August 3, 2017
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Social media marketing in small companies can be a lonely, uphill battle. There’s usually, two, maybe three, people on the team, all somehow managing to get campaigns designed, outreach sent, data crunched, and leads qualified.

The luxury of answering the question “do you think it’s better to work hard or work smart?” isn’t one small marketing teams are afforded, both are required. And with that I bring you Curaytor’s new tool: Brain.

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Chris Smith, co-founder of Curaytor

Created by the author of “The Conversion Code,” Chris Smith, Curaytor Brain focuses on Facebook advertising and email campaigns. It gathers previously successful email and Facebook campaigns from the marketing community, and sorts and files the best performers by category of success, send date, audience and budget.

“Small businesses not only lack the budget, but also the time to battle-test their marketing plan. Our tool uses hundreds of small business marketing success stories to get around this issue,” says Smith.

Facebook advertising is something which on the one hand can’t be ignored and on the other takes time. eMarketer predicts that Facebook’s US display revenues will increase by 32.1 percent in 2017 to capture 39.1 percent of the US display market, worth around $83 billion. And once your ads are out there you’ll need to engage properly to have the intended effect.

So rather than having to fish around in trial and error to find out what strategies work, Brain does the heavy lifting for you. It sorts and ranks Facebook ads in respect to link-clicks, cost per engagement, people reached, video views, likes, shares and comments. Users can then copy and paste their desired template into their own email blasts and Facebook campaigns, replicating what has been proven to work.

In creating Brain, Smith was trying to slay another of the marketing sector’s demons. Marketing companies are good at marketing because they’re marketing companies. But being so focused on creating hype around products can lead to overpromising and under delivering, so Smith has gone for “help not hype” as the modus operandiBrain is part of the Curaytor platform which includes a website, landing pages, customer relationship management software, email marketing tools, SMS, Facebook ads, and lead conversion technology.