moBUinet launches social network for cryptocurrency users and merchants

By Editor February 26, 2016

moBUinet has launched the first social network platform for businesses and individuals that is specifically designed for the digital currency community. The platform aims to increase the adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies, so they will finally be able to make a significant contribution towards the financial success of people and businesses alike.

The moBUinet team originally set out to create a new coin which was designed based on robust economic principles. However, they quickly discovered that the key issue with all digital currencies was their lack of adoption and usage, so they turned their focus to solve this problem by creating an ecosystem where all coins could be meaningfully used.

moBUinet is now the home for all digital currencies – where individuals, communities and businesses can come together to interact and transact. The platform offers a unique networking concept that is specifically designed to facilitate further adoption and usage of digital currencies.

Individuals, businesses and communities are able to showcase and promote their offering (e.g. idea, campaign, business, etc), and moBUinet users are also able to find and connect with other individuals and businesses, who accept the digital currency of their choice, to build a network within which they can interact and transact.

Ilya Kuntsevich – economist, author and advisor to moBUinet – noted that the project “is changing the financial paradigm we live in today”.

moBUinet’s original concept – moBUinet Digital Scrip (mDS) – is still part of the offering though it is not a cryptocurrency, but rather an internal network voucher that can be used by everyone to get a feel of how a digital currency world would work.

moBUinet currently supports Bitcoin, WorldLeadCurrency, Auroracoin and Europecoin. If you would like to list your digital currency, or would like help creating your new business page, please contact the moBUinet team.