SendCloud is creating one unified European shipping network

By Editor February 26, 2016

The ecommerce industry is increasingly competitive nowadays. Cost- and time-inefficient shipping has inspired three friends with an online store to launch SendCloud.

The company offers cloud-based shipping software, which enables online stores to operate more efficiently and ship goods at competitive rates. The entrepreneurs are determined to create a unified European parcel delivery network and received a €2 million investment led by Dutch investment firms TIIN Capital and Brabant Development Agency (BOM).

A single European parcel delivery network

The European shipping market is highly fragmented, even international delivery companies offer limited ecommerce connectivity. “Imagine a Dutch online retailer with an order from Spain. The shipment will cost about fifteen euros, not to mention the costs and inconvenience of return shipments”, accordingly to Rob van den Heuvel (CEO). For online shops it is difficult to service international customers. Market leaders have the means to make custom-made arrangements with shipping providers. Smaller shops do not have these possibilities.

SendCloud offers unique shipping software for small and medium-sized companies. Partnerships with a large range of shipping providers such as DHL, PostNL and UPS, allow the company to optimize the end-to-end shipping process for their customers. “Shops can stay competitive, because we offer numerous time-saving plugins in combination with compelling prices for shipping services such as Same Day Delivery”. With its success in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, team SendCloud is determined to make a difference in Europe.

Growth capital to expand further into Europe

SendCloud operates in the Netherlands, Belgium and since mid-2015, Germany. The company has grown rapidly, with offices in Eindhoven and Munich and will expand into other European nations later this year. SendCloud wants to further bolster its European parcel delivery network, made possible by TIIN Capital, BOM and previously Startupbootcamp, Sanoma Ventures and investment angels.

About SendCloud

The cloud-based shipping software of SendCloud helps online shops to optimize the shipping process, due to partnerships with a large range of shipping providers across Europe.

SendCloud offers numerous time-saving plugins and tools for online stores. Customers can select the most cost effective shipping solution, print the associated labels and send it anywhere.

About TINN Capital

TIIN Capital started investing in technology companies (including software and high-tech companies) in 1998. TIIN Capital is active in several funds, including the Berk funds, TechFund and TIIN Buy-out & Growth Fund. TIIN Capital has € 60 million in assets under management and makes use of a network of 1.000 informal (angel) investors.

About the Brabant Development Agency (BOM)

The Brabant Development Agency (BOM) endeavors to promote an innovative and resilient economy in the Dutch province of Brabant, giving the region a lasting competitive edge in a rapidly globalizing world. Core tasks involve investing risk capital in both innovative startups as well as growing companies, attracting foreign companies, forging alliances between companies and institutions and developing business sites.