New public relations guide informs, educates tech companies and startups on best practices in business-to-business PR

By Editor February 29, 2016

ThinkInk, a specialist communications agency serving high-growth business-to-business (B2B) companies across the advertising, airline, loyalty, mobile, payments, and travel sectors, has released ‘Understanding Public Relations for B2B Companies: The Basics and Best Practices that Technology Companies and Startups Need to Know.’ The resource is free to download here .

The guide is designed to provide executives and managers, primarily in business-to-business and enterprise-serving markets, with a greater awareness of the field and practice of public relations and to explain how effective B2B PR can benefit a company’s bottom-line performance.

Public relations for B2B purposes is different than for businesses that sell products and services primarily to consumers (B2C), in part because it requires specialized knowledge of the B2B company’s industry. To effectively publicize how a B2B company’s product or solution solves its buyers’ challenges or creates new opportunities, a PR agency must have a deep understanding of the company’s market and speak its industry “language” (in terms of nuance and technological specifications). In addition to industry know-how, effective B2B PR requires “know-who”: Networks of industry contacts who will care about, and benefit from, the industry-specific information provided by a B2B company.

Yet when backed by the right combination of know-how and know-who, B2B PR can do much more than generate publicity. As ThinkInk’s new guide explains in detail, B2B PR focuses on using increased visibility and exposure to drive business outcomes. A results-driven approach to B2B PR uses integrated marketing, PR, content, and business development services to drive measurable business growth over time.

Few high-quality resources explaining the unique value and importance of B2B PR are available online, which is why ThinkInk was compelled to create and release the new guide. The resource provides information on:

-What PR is, and why it’s different for B2B companies;
-The primary and secondary goals of public relations for B2B companies;
-The PR tactics, strategies, and efforts that support larger B2B objectives;
-Examples of unique and influential integrated PR efforts from B2B companies; and
-Best practices for launching or improving a B2B PR initiative.

“B2B companies, enterprise technology providers, and startups face unique challenges in today’s business landscape – challenges that effective public relations can help them address,” said Vanessa Horwell, author of the report. “A strategic PR partner can be one of the most valuable assets for any B2B-focused company, especially those in the early stages of the business lifecycle.”

According to recent Dun & Bradstreet research, 67% of the typical B2B buyers’ journey is now done digitally, making it all the more important for B2B companies to invest in comprehensive digital PR efforts that grow brand awareness and drive qualified lead generation. Partnering with an experienced business-focused PR agency can help B2B companies use broader online exposure to shorten sales cycles and drive sustainable, long-term growth.

Click here to download a copy of Understanding Public Relations for B2B Companies. For more information about ThinkInk’s solutions for technology companies and startups, please contact Elisabeth Denil, Business Manager, at edenil(at)thinkinkpr(dot)com. For ongoing insights on B2B public relations, marketing, business development, and more, visit the WeThinkInk blog.

For more information on the report or to interview Vanessa Horwell, contact Paolo Ramos, Media Relations Specialist, at pramos(at)thinkinkpr(dot)com.

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