RankSense Launches First Machine-Assisted SEO Tool On The Market

By Tim Hinchliffe May 23, 2017

RankSense, a Content Delivery Network is launching a machine-assisted tool to optimize SEO for e-commerce sites and increase their online traffic and revenue.

Fast SEO implementation is commonly a challenge when there is a large number of pages to monitor. This requires a strong integration engine to measure SEO ROI and impact on revenue. Machine-assisted SEO assists with these tasks and brings value and ROI by freeing up precious time to focus on other marketing efforts.

E-commerce sites and large companies with numerous webpages on their site don’t have the time to optimize each webpage to boost it onto the first page of google. Yet ideally that’s exactly what they want, to market their service.

Ranksense’s machine-assisted SEO platform will help marketers increase search rankings, scale and accelerate their technical implementations, create compelling search snippets, conduct SEO experiments and measure their return on investment (ROI). SEO technology is essential for large websites managing multiple channels and a large number of pages.

“There are a large number of companies within the SEO/optimization sector trying to meet client’s expectation with an increase of their online traffic and better ROI results,” said Hamlet Batista, the CEO of RankSense. “Our aim isn’t to compete with these companies but rather use our innovative machine intelligence technology to help the industry.”

The primary users of this technology have been large enterprises, mid-size and large B2C and B2B online retailers. These businesses find value in SEO technology as most have small marketing teams operating large websites with many dynamic pages.

“In our monthly benchmark study on SEO revenue performance, we found that B2C marketers who are using our machine-assisted platform have seen SEO revenue increase by as much as 85%,” Batista continues. “Eventually we expect companies across all categories such as manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment to adopt our software for its real-time, fast-execution-oriented approach that validates what actually works within SEO strategies.