Rockstart taking startup applications for Colombia accelerator program

By Tim Hinchliffe May 24, 2017

Founders from all over the world are invited to apply to Rockstart Colombia’s first Web & Mobile accelerator program.

The accelerator program helps startups fine-tune their businesses and prepare for international scaling through mentoring, workspace and access to capital, and the deadline to apply is July 2.

Beginning in October ten selected startups for the Web & Mobile accelerator will be invited to Bogotá for a five-month accelerator program. Startups will receive €15,000 in cash along with an in-kind investment that the program provides. Shared office space in Bogotá, support from expert mentors, and access to €600,000 worth of product discounts are just part of the perks of the program. In return, Rockstart will receive an 8 percent stake in each startup entering the program.

Rockstart supports entrepreneurs with a strong purpose by connecting them with the brightest minds in the industry. We’re looking for startups with a great founding team, a well built product and early traction to create solutions for big problems.

The organizers are interested in startups that are creating the future, using promising new technologies (AI, Blockchain, sensors) to make a positive impact. Focus areas include:

  • Sharing economy concepts – to address the under-utilization of assets, marketplaces
  • Enterprise tools – tools for companies to get more work done, better, cheaper, higher quality
  • 3D printing and modeling – future of manufacturing
  • New financial services – disrupting the large financial institutions
  • Logistics & transportation – creating efficiencies in the economy
  • Computer security – increased connectivity leads to an increased risk of being hacked
  • Education – if you don’t learn, you don’t grow
  • Interruptions are at an all time high – what types of products will let us live on our own terms?
  • Make programming reachable – make software development easier and more accessible
  • Wildcard concepts – use novel initiatives to focus on big problems/inefficiencies in our society

After the program, startups will gain access to an Alumni Program that includes fundraising advice, PR & marketing support, legal & administrative services and access to exclusive deals.

“The startup ecosystem in the region has been welcoming us with open arms – more proof that the tech industry in Colombia is ready to take off,” said Felipe Santamaria, the managing director of Rockstart Colombia.

More information on Rockstart’s track record can be found at Rockstart Accelerator Statistics. Startups who are ready to take their company to the next level should apply now at Rockstart Colombia.