Five reasons why your startup should relocate

By Tim Hinchliffe September 6, 2016

This article was written by Removal Services Scotland

For the majority of startups, location is often not high on the priority list when your business first launches. Whether you’re operating from a home study or a compact space in the city, a low cost hub is perfect for any business that’s starting out. But as your company begins to grow, relocating will be your next move if you’re to ensure your business goes from strength to strength. But when is the right time to do so?

If it’s downsizing to cut back on overheads or an expanding team means you need more space, a move will always be a daunting prospect for any company. Whether you’re relocating to an office around the corner or you need an internationals removals company, a change of scene can be just what you need to reach that next level of success. That’s why today, we’re bringing you five top reasons why you should relocate your business.

1. Pitching up in a prime location

While an idyllic office address won’t be at the forefront of your mind when initially starting out, any successful startup knows that relocating to a prime location is vital for a growing business. Whether that means standing out on the high street or setting up somewhere more spacious outside of the city, think about which location is the most logical choice. That means everything from potential passing trade to the price tag that comes with the postcode. Location may be a contributing factor to your business’ success, but it’ll have a direct effect on overheads.

2. Room for growth

As you employ more staff, a solid base that can accommodate a workspace for your team is going to be a must-have. As well as storing products and equipment, desk-space can be limited in any small office environment. Consider workplace health and safety laws, and if you’re verging on becoming an unsafe environment, make the move to ensure your business grows safely.

3. Reorganising your work-life balance

As your team grows, trading from the comfort of your home-study won’t be as practical as it once was. Use this success as the catalyst to branch out into a bigger building and separate your work from your home life. Restoring that work-life balance will allow you to focus on one area of your life at a time, ensuring you’re giving both your work and personal life 100% of your attention.

4. Accessing your audience

Whether you’re meeting clients in an office or your startup is a retail set up, bear in mind that as the operation grows, you’ll need to think about extending. Whether that’s a larger showroom or a private meeting space, relocating to somewhere that adds a new level of professionalism will be invaluable. Consider everything from the office interior to the building’s location itself. A startup in an up-and-coming area is the perfect hub for trendy brands, whereas a skyscraper in the city will be an ideal location to meet and greet clients from further afield.

5. Managing overheads

A stunning open plan office with impressive views and state of the art technology is sure to be appreciated by your team, but with high rental-rates, are you essentially throwing away your hard-earned profits? In any small business, carefully controlling the outgoings will give you the foundations you need for future success. If cutting costs is a factor, consider relocating to a spot in a less competitive area. Managing your overheads means you’ll be able to invest more into your business idea and allow your startup to flourish – and that idyllic office will still be available for lease in years to come.

Whatever your reasons – if you do decide to relocate – upping sticks to pastures new can be one of the best ways to propel your business towards success. Whether you’re extending or downsizing, there are endless benefits to relocating. Just make sure you do your research, seek advice from other professionals and check in with your accountant before making the move.


This article was written by Removal Services Scotland

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