Rivet Radio launches new, free enterprise API

By Editor April 30, 2015

Businesses Now Play Free News and Entertainment Stories for Customers

Chicago, IL – April 28, 2015 – Rivet Radio, the smart audio platform, announced the launch of a new, free tool for businesses by extending of Rivet’s Enterprise Solution which currently allows businesses like InterCall to create news playlists for customers.

“We’re on a mission to help businesses eliminate ‘dwell time’ by giving them informative stories to fill their dead air space, whether that be in their physical waiting rooms and elevators or in a virtual setting like call waiting,” CEO John MacLeod said. “Partners already using the Enterprise Solution are seeing a great rise in overall customer satisfaction.”

The free Rivet Enterprise API delivers:

*Standard feed of topical news 15 minute loop, updated every 2 hours

*Rivet and select partner content

*Ad-supported, ad-free available

*This new Rivet Enterprise API provides a continuous feed of Rivet and select partner content 24 hours a day during the business week

*Implementation options range from turnkey to custom

More information: www.rivetnewsradio.com/enterprise

The Rivet Enterprise API is powered by the company’s audio platform, which works to treat audio as data enabling the distribution of perishable content to millions of listeners. Rivet expedites the news delivery process by meta-tagging audio stories enabling their delivery through multiple channels – to the right listeners in a personalized manner. The company is backed by a growing list of partners including Bosch Automotive Technologies, Jaguar and Land Rover, Open Car, Ablata’s WEBLINK, and InterCall. Media partners include The Associated Press, American Public Media, and Crain’s Business.

For more information and to download Rivet Radio visit www.rivetnewsradio.com. Rivet Radio, Inc. Featured by Apple as “The Best in Bite-Sized News” and a “Start Up To Watch” by Chicago Innovation & Built in Chicago in 2015, Rivet delivers customized, multiplatform audio news and feature stories worldwide. Rivet has grown from iPhone, Android, Amazon and car apps into a platform powering the global Audio of Things for millions of listeners. It’s radio reimagined. Rivet Radio: Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/rivetradio | @rivetradio Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/rivetradio