Surfly revolutionizes web-based client contact

By Editor May 1, 2015

Surfly’s first product release wraps its proven co-browsing technology in an easy to use package, boasting speedy co-browsing, high quality video chat and seamless website integration

Amsterdam – Apr. 29, 2015 – Surfly, innovator of co-browsing technology, today announced the availability of its first public product release. Passionate about making complex things simple, Surfly’s co-browsing technology greatly simplifies the way companies interact with clients online. Surfly’s real-time web sharing technology enables remote collaboration by showing others what users see in their web browser. A website visitor’s session can be shared with anyone, without the need to install software or changing the website in any way.

Surfly’s technology is used worldwide by a variety of clients, such as financial planners, real estate brokers, car dealers and website owners. With this first public product release, Surfly makes it simple for customers to connect with their clients by using their own website as a communication platform. This has been achieved by adding functionality to its robust co-browsing solution, such as high quality video chat, the ability to switch control, a management interface, and the option to integrate Surfly seamlessly in a website. “Thousands of users around the world have already found how effectively Surfly adds value to their businesses and their clients,” stated Nicholas Piël, founder and CEO, Surfly. “Already unparalleled as a communication tool for the twenty-first century, our first public product release will enhance the two-way exchange that Surfly provides users worldwide.”

Surfly features the following:

· Instant Co-browsing – Websites and web applications can be seamlessly shared and browsed together with Surfly, without the need for plug-ins or writing a line of code

· Unparalleled Performance – A web sharing session through Surfly will work without any loss in quality and performance, allowing users to deliver clear presentation or video sharing

· Text and High Quality Video Chat – WebRTC technology provides optimum clarity and quality in both audio and video, providing a seamless conversation while co-browsing

· Document Sharing – Share and co-browse PDF documents without downloading any additional software

· Integration Options – Surfly can easily be integrated on a website through the new widget option; a deeper integration is also available via the complete REST API

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About Surfly

Surfly was founded in 2012 and was created by an enthusiastic team who are passionate about making complex things simple. Surfly’s co-browsing technology is designed to greatly simplify co-browsing for online website visitors. For more information, please visit