myfairtool partners with Future of Events to upgrade the industry

By Editor July 29, 2016

SaaS company myfairtool announces the launch of a unique exhibition software for companies exhibiting at trade shows to be presented to events professionals at Future of Events in Amsterdam in August

As a Hong Kong based startup graduated from StartUp Next (powered by Google for Entrepreneurs), myfairtool will join Future of Events on August 22nd to present a revolutionary SaaS (Software as a Service) that aims to forever change the way exhibitors manage their success at trade shows.

The company finds its uniqueness in the breadth of its offer – using myfairtool, exhibitors can control every aspect of their event management process, from early planning and budgeting 6 months before the show to lead capture, follow-up and monitoring long after the event has passed.

Where most players of the EventTech industry provide tools to scan business cards, capture leads or manage prospects lists, myfairtool does it all and much more, offering a one-stop-solution that integrates all aspects of event management from the exhibitor perspective, discarding the need for multiple software, data transfer and compatibility concerns.

Julien Rio, CEO & Founder of myfairtool, will also use this opportunity to share insights during a Future of Events’ workshop where he will talk about the importance of analyzing return on investment a trade shows.

“B2B companies exhibit at trade shows because they bet it will bring them additional business. In average, these companies spend 39.2% of their annual marketing budget on such event: this is a huge investment that suggests the creation of value. But how to evaluate the real impact without proper ROI analysis? It is essential for the event community to reinforce good practice and provide exhibitors with tools enabling them to make data-driven decisions. New technologies allow it and myfairtool will be a pioneer in this field.” says Julien Rio.

Other industry experts are sharing the same vision:
“Capturing leads efficiently is crucial to assure ROI. Now is the time to try myfairtool and add measurement to your tradeshow success to protect your budget and your future.” says Richard Erschik, among the highest rated tradeshow exhibitor educators and trainers in USA.

But improving exhibitors’ efficiency and giving more transparency to ROI calculation aren’t the only battles the company wishes to fight. myfairtool aims to make the whole industry more eco-friendly.
“Tons and tons of paper are wasted each year at trade shows. Millions of flyers, brochures and lead cards are printed and never used due to a lack of planning. At myfairtool we believe in paperless and we know technology is the solution: this is why we offer a digital alternative to almost every printing need at exhibitions” says Julien.

Future of Events, the ultimate event for Event professionals, will be held in the RAI Amsterdam from August 22nd 2016 to August 24th. Over 30 international speakers, 350 exhibitors and thousands of event professionals will be joining the show to re-invent the future of the industry. myfairtool aims to take an important role in this revolution and will be working with all exhibitors to create a more efficient version of trade shows.

While myfairtool is actively seeking out new strategic partners, the company is also preparing for a round of seed funding. With a strong focus in Asia in general and Hong Kong in particular, myfairtool has already shown great results in the region and the will to grow beyond.