StartupBeat’s top 15 startups solving real-world problems with AI

By Tim Hinchliffe July 23, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a wave of innovation to meet the new and existing challenges that have been created and uncovered since its arrival.

There isn’t a single industry that won’t be transformed by artificial intelligence.

From beefing up the broken supply chain, to mapping out COVID-19 cases worldwide, and spearheading ground-breaking research and development to stop the spread, AI is the driving technology behind it all.

Using AI and machine learning as super tools to meet the modern challenges of businesses, governments, and civil society with agile and innovative solutions, AI startups are driving digital transformation across the globe.

Here, we are proud to present StartupBeat’s top 15 startups solving real-world problems with AI.

Henri-Nicolas Olivier


CEO: Henri-Nicolas Olivier

CARFIT gives the automobile industry an AI upgrade with services that track vehicle performances by analyzing vibration and movement.

Backed by 7 Gate Ventures, a venture capital firm from Vancouver and Silicon Valley that invests in early-stage startups, CARFIT helps both drivers and dealerships better understand how vehicles are performing, so both can save time and money on maintenance.

Dolmarie Mendez

Abartys Health

CEO: Dolmarie Mendez

Abartys Health is looking to solve the global healthcare crisis by adding a layer of AI and Machine Learning to the digital transformation of healthcare systems, such as making medical records and universal patient IDs more accessible in one centralized data hub.

The Puerto Rico-based startup facilitates the flow of data between patients, doctors, and insurers.

Abartys Health is an alumni of the island’s Parallel18 accelerator, which has accelerated over 200 companies from over a dozen countries at its headquarters in San Juan. 

Israel Niezen

CEO: Israel Niezen is all about building the best AI engineering teams to solve the global shortage of qualified AI talent. helps companies get an edge over their competitors by allowing them to quickly and effectively create talented teams to innovate their next generation of AI-powered solutions.

Chris Buttenham

CEO: Chris Buttenham provides an AI-powered solution that helps workers quickly find the answers they seek by scouring databases and pulling forward only the best and most relevant information.

When workers have questions, already has the answers, and the company’s mission is to make knowledge not only universally accessible, but useful as well.

Siddarth Sinha


Co-Founder: Siddharth Sinha

Dresma allows e-commerce companies to create stunning images that meet all their marketplace guidelines.

With Dresma’s AI-driven DoMyShoot app, companies take their own photos and plug them into the app where they are automated and customized into professional images that sell.

Asparuh Koev


CEO: Asparuh Koev

Transmetrics is solving cargo and transport logistics challenges with its AI-powered predictive optimization.

Transmetrics’ SaaS platform helps transporters keep track of their cargo while allowing them to make better decisions with their capacity planning.

The solutions help accurately forecast shipping demands and optimize transport networks while leading the digital transformation of an industry that had previously relied on antiquated methods that were far less efficient.

Daniel Huang

CEO: Daniel Huang enlists its deep learning technology to help e-commerce platforms increase on-site conversions.

A portfolio company of the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, Founder Institute,’s tool allows e-commerce platforms to identify consumer preferences, make predictions about potential sales, and better guide users through the entire shopping experience with personalized recommendations.

Jeremy Achin


CEO: Jeremy Achin

DataRobot‘s enterprise AI platform allows global enterprises to scale and maximize their return on investment by making sense of huge amounts of data.

A Techstars portfolio company, DataRobot’s technology is trusted by the likes of the Boston Red Sox, US Bank, and Kroger to name a few enterprises that rely on DataRobot’s services.

Kevin Kimber


CEO: Kevin Kimber

Rimilia leverages AI to analyze huge swaths of financial data, so that businesses can better understand their cash flows and optimize them.

Catering to the professional services, distribution, manufacturing, and transportation industries, Rimilia is a proud portfolio company of the Microsoft for Startups program, and the Rimilia team noted that the program “provided invaluable advice, inspiration, and encouragement.”

Farris Wu


CEO: Farris Wu

DecorMatters blends AI with Augmented Reality to create the ultimate experience in interior design.

The unique experience of being able to visualize how a room will look before purchasing a single item, along with DecorMatters’ personalized recommendations, keep creative customers coming back for more.

Dilip Ittyera

Aikon Labs

CEO: Dilip Ittyera

Aikon Labs is pumping AI into knowledge workers, giving them direct access to structured and reusable data while assuring that no information goes to waste.

Aikon Labs’ iEngage collection of over 200 APIs extracts all the most relevant information not just from text documents, but also pulls insights and intelligence from audio and video files to boot.

With Aikon Labs, companies can retain their data and re-use it instead of letting it go to waste in a dusty data silo.

Martin Gomez


COO: Martin Gomez

Wing is an AI-powered virtual assistant whose functionality far surpasses that of Siri or Alexa.

With Wing, users are treated to whole host of features that were designed to perform complex tasks.

Just about any task can be automated and performed, just “as long as it’s legal and possible,” the company boasts.

Jan Lunter


CEO/CTO: Ján Lunter

Innovatrics applies its award winning algorithm to biometric identity and management.

The privately-held biometrics company has helped secure voter registration in Guinea, banking in Iraq, and civil identification in Panama to name a few major, real-world challenges the company has met.

Tom Boon

Perimeter Medical Imaging

CEO: Tom Boon

Perimeter Medical Imaging applies AI to medical imaging to help clinicians make critical decisions that improve the quality of life in real-time.

In July, Perimeter Medical Imaging launched its ATLAS AI project, creating a database of breast cancer image to train and test algorithms.

The company was awarded a grant of about $7.3 million from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to further develop its ground-breaking technology.


CEO: Anand S

Gramener is synonymous with data storytelling.

Using insights as stories, the company recently partnered with Microsoft AI for Earth to count and identify fish, which used to be counted manually by biologists.

The AI-driven image recognition solution cut costs by up to 80% while delivering results at speeds five times that of antiquated methods.

Disclosure: This article includes clients of an Espacio portfolio company