Backed by industry leaders, Synop launches platform tackling hardware/software interoperability issues for commercial EV fleet operators

StartupBeat Team
By StartupBeat Team October 23, 2023

It was recently reported that I-95, a major highway on the east coast of the US used by tens of thousands of commercial vehicles every day, would be transformed into an electric truck charging corridor in the coming years. 

This would be a massive win for the industry, which right now sees most commercial electric vehicles using private charging depots, limiting their range of mobility. Having to manage their charging in-house, operators are often faced with a frustrating dilemma. They either have to put all their EV needs in the same basket, using full-stack solutions with a single provider, or they may choose to diversify their providers, risking compatibility issues between the various hardware and software products.  

But in an industry that is growing so quickly, limiting yourself to a single provider is unwise. 

In order to address this issue and give commercial operators more flexibility and control over their EV fleets, energy management startup Synop has developed a platform that allows its customers to mix and match hardware and software solutions that best meet their needs. 

Founded in 2021, Synop’s goal is to accelerate the transition of commercial fleets to electric vehicles. With the launch of the Works with Synop™ platform, the startup plans to offer its customers the guarantee of seamless compatibility between hardware and software.

The initial partners for the Works with Synop™ program include BorgWarner, Thomas Built Buses, Power Electronics, and Zerova.

“We’ve been working across engineering, customer support, and implementation teams to collaborate with a growing list of hardware makers that meet a high bar for those functions, and are excited to release that list today”, said Gagan Dhillon, CEO and co-founder of Synop. 

The program ensures a hassle-free experience from charger activation throughout the equipment’s life cycle and offers a streamlined process to report any issues through Synop’s software platform for efficient and timely problem resolution.

Works with Synop™ brings instant benefit to current Synop customers providing them with the assurance of seamless hardware-software compatibility. “We have had a front-row seat to the challenges of electrification for school bus operators, and the need for better hardware-software alignment is something we’ve identified as a gap for a while,” said Arjun Nair, Manager of Electric Vehicle Programs and Consulting for Thomas Built Buses. 

The company intends to expand the program into various categories including vehicles, telematics, and energy management systems, aligning with its commitment to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles for commercial fleets.