Temprano Techvestors announces launch, helps European tech businesses to make it in the US

By Oliver Griffin September 1, 2016

Temprano Techvestors (Temprano) announced its official company launch today with the mission to help emerging-market software companies across Europe succeed in the United States and Canada. the business plans to remove entry barriers to the North American market. 

Temprano invests capital and builds every element of its partners’ go-to-market strategy. This includes establishing brand, and building websites and sales teams, and also providing technical support.

Serial entrepreneur Luke Walling is Temprano founder. He said, “The problem is simple. It’s challenging for a company with great products and success elsewhere in the world to bring that same outcome to the United States and Canadian markets.

“To say we have skin in the game is an understatement, because we actually become our partners’ North American operations, operating on a margin basis primarily. If they don’t win, we don’t win.”

The company hopes to remove the risks and hassles of dealing with business bureaucracy in the United States. The company is actively building a value-added reseller program as a route to market for its partners, leveraging its extensive IT channel experience.

Temprano focuses primarily on technologies that support SMEs. Specific areas include Software as a Service (SaaS) or electronically delivered, traditionally licensed software in security technology or adjacent categories.

The ideal candidates for Temprano are European business-to-business IT vendors with great products and a footprint in Europe but little to no North American exposure.

Temprano limits the number of engagements and expects to work on an exclusive basis with up to five partnerships maximum during its first 18 to 24 months.

Temprano said that the choice to locate its headquarters in North Carolina was “natural”.  The state ranks number two in information technology employment growth according to the North Carolina Technology Association.

Newton, the North Carolinian city that Temprano is based in, also announced this morning that it awarded the business with a grant to renovate an outdated office building in the city into a state-of-the-art facility to support tech sales, marketing, support, and engineering jobs.

Temprano expects to create up to 75 new local jobs during the next three years.


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