The Lightning Pitch: Moblers, to fix your app building woes

By Tim Hinchliffe March 28, 2017

Company: Moblers

Headquarters: HaOgen, Israel

Founding Team: The chief tech doc himself, Guy Doron.

Why we like it: Because when a company was founded ten years ago, they know what they’re doing. And in the world of smartphones, that’s almost a lifetime. Did you know, Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone only a decade ago? Despite how it feels, it’s not as old as your grandma.

So when your smartphone app is playing its own game and not following your demands, the best doctor in the field is someone who has been around for a lifetime.

Moblers combines a team of tech experts to deliver app development and testing services with an expert Chief Technology Officer to guide your decisions in the right direction. These tech wizards can take on any of your projects in any condition and transform these unruly apps into the obedient minions they were created to be.

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With User Interface and User Experience experts on board, your app can reach top notch condition and functionality. With the right coding and the latest technology you can be assured that you will end up with a first-class product.

As part of their service, Moblers has developed unique cloud-based technologies that run tests on actual devices to manually assess the accuracy and consistency of your app service.

When you visit your local doctor what’s the three qualities you’re looking for? Expertise? Trust? Quality? Of course we can tell you about their loyal qualities but we’re going to take it to the next level and prove it. Mobile applications developed by Moblers have won significant awards worldwide including the GSMA Barcelona, GSMA Shanghai, GVMA Seoul Digital Forum, Asia Smartphone App Contest… and their list goes on. Just imagine a doctor’s wall full of his framed certificates.


Jacinta Spies