The week in tech startups—October 14, 2011…

By Editor October 14, 2011

By Brian Kovalesky, StartUp Beat Editor 

It was another week of compelling tech startup news that ends with long lines at Apple Stores for the iPhone 4S debut and with Microsoft closing its purchase of Skype. There were also rumblings on various technology blogs and news sites that venture funds that focus on early-stage startups are struggling to raise funds. But the Seed and Series A funding announcements continued to flow—here’s the roundup:

Wave Accounting – $5 million

MovableInk – $1.3 million

DuckDuckGo – Unspecified

Crashlytics – $1 million

Udemy – $3 million

LocalResponse – $5 million

Stickery – $500K

Kiwi Create – $2 million

NGINX – $3 million

Spree – $1.5 million

StartUp Beat this week featured Q&As with mobile polling app Floop, Wi-Fi cloud-based video monitoring service Dropcam, and ride-sharing service Zimride, along with a Featured Startup Pitch 0from new car shopping site Web2Carz.