TransPod founder and CEO to deliver keynote speech at World Congress on Railway Research 2016

By Editor May 26, 2016

Toronto, Canada – May 26, 2016TransPod, the startup that is building the world’s leading hyperloop system to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation, today announced that Sebastien Gendron, founder and CEO of TransPod, will speak at the upcoming World Congress on Railway Research (WCRR) 2016 in Milan, Italy on Monday, May 30, 2016. An international forum dedicated to sharing ideas and information about technological advancements in the global rail industry, it brings together an international community of top researchers, executives, manufacturers, and operators. WCRR 2016 is organized around the theme of “Research and Innovation from Today Towards 2050.”

At WCRR 2016, Gendron will speak at the “Leading the Way Forward” event, featuring talks by business and institutional leaders who are paving the way for innovation in the transportation industry. The event is hosted by WCRR’s platinum sponsor, MERMEC. The company is a global leader specializing in the design and development of railway signalling, asset management software, diagnostics, and professional services for the railway industry.

Hyperloop technology will redefine commercial transportation and commuter experiences. Driverless pods carrying passengers or cargo will travel through low-pressure tubes between major cities at speeds that are 50% faster than airplanes and 300% faster than trains, thereby minimizing travel time and improving efficiency. Gendron’s keynote will discuss the technology behind hyperloop and the ways in which it will significantly improve the transportation experience.

“Hyperloop will drastically change the way we travel and conduct commerce between cities and across countries,” said Gendron. “It will realize true urban mobility by enabling people to live and work virtually anywhere. For large companies and small- to medium-sized businesses, hyperloop will allow them to transport products at high speeds and affordable rates. With hyperloop, we are creating a stronger transportation infrastructure and re-imagining the ways we live and work.”

Some of the benefits of hyperloop technology include the following:

– Environmental sustainability: It is powered by renewable energies like solar power.
– Speed: Initial designs project an average speed of 962 kph (or 598 mph).
– Reliability and efficiency: Hyperloop will travel in a protected tube and will be unaffected by weather conditions.

TransPod has already designed a first half-scale prototype and will present a full-scale concept at the InnoTrans Rail show in September 2016 in Berlin.

WCRR 2016 will take place at Stella Polare Convention Centre in Milan, Italy from May 29 to June 2, 2016. For registration and details, visit

About TransPod

TransPod’s goal is to disrupt and redefine commercial transportation between major cities in developed and emerging markets. The startup was founded in 2015 to build the world’s leading hyperloop system to connect people, cities, and businesses with high-speed transportation that is affordable and environmentally sustainable. TransPod is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. For more information, visit