U.S. college comparison and recruitment website Plexuss.com now out of beta testing

Plexuss.com facilitates contact between universities and future students, and aims to help students make an informed decision when it comes to choosing the right university

Walnut Creek, CA (May 26, 2015)– California-based Plexuss.com has launched its free U.S. college comparison and recruitment website, now out of beta. Featuring more than 4,000 colleges, Plexuss.com allows users to take a virtual tour of their selected campuses, try the “Battle of the Schools” college comparison tool, and live chat with their choice of universities. Plexuss also includes a college ranking system, which collates data from trustworthy sources including Forbes, Reuters and Shanghai Ranking.

Plexuss.com facilitates an easy connection between future college students and their prospective universities. Colleges no longer have to send out expensive and time-consuming recruitment information packs, and are instead able to easily view candidate profiles through the website.

With the site’s intuitive set of tools, students can compare schools using a variety of criteria, including in- and out-of-state tuition, acceptance rates and college endowment funds. Plexuss also allows more advanced search criteria including:

·Looking at student-to-faculty ratios

·SAT score percentiles

·Environmental sustainability policies

·And other interesting details that would inform the user’s choice.

“Plexuss was designed to provide students with the insights they need to make the right choice when looking at colleges. We know that higher education is one of the most important investments one can make, and we aim to make comparing schools much easier through the tools available to students on the website, and to save time searching college and review websites,” says Plexuss.com Chairman and CEO, JP Novin.

“Plexuss.com is unique in its college focused, user-friendly features, factual comparison tools, and live chat facilities. It aims to bring convenience and savings to both to the student and the university. It’s our aim to make the student’s journey to college exciting, less stressful, and a lot more informed.”

About Plexuss.com

The leader in college recruitment, Plexuss (http://Plexuss.com) helps students successfully match with their ideal colleges using several online tools, and instant chat connections with college recruiters.

Education is the biggest investment an individual makes, and Plexuss strives to create a user-friendly site to help families choose a college with the best return on investment.


  • yohanes solomon

    My name is yohanes solomon I’m graduated BSc in electrical and computer Engineering from hawassa University, Ethiopia. Now I’m an assistant lecturer in my home university. I need to lear n Msc program in one of the Colleges abroad. Contact me by my email address. solyoni354@gmail.com

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  • fawad

    I need free scholarship in US please helping me in this way of education…

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  • Charles Ndubakwenda

    Iam in need of an american scholarship.Am a Zambian aged 18, Please reply.

    Reply to Charles Ndubakwenda
  • ojajuni

    am ojajuni adeleke frm nigeria i want a lighter education but nobody 2 help me pls +23482354582 pls help me i realy want 2 be educated

    Reply to ojajuni
  • Ferdinand IRISHURA

    call me on: +25779661685

    Reply to Ferdinand IRISHURA
  • Ibrahim

    wow funny recruitment my name is Ibrahim Jamal and I am from Ethiopia and I want to learn masters in engineering field or computer fields. please help me by watching my great desire for education. thanks.

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  • Tolasa gonfa

    OK I have great interest to join your campus for engineering course. pls

    Reply to Tolasa gonfa
  • Tolasa gonfa

    I am second year electrical engineering. I want apply this chance for postgraduate students. I highly interested to learn in your university.

    Reply to Tolasa gonfa
  • Hora Meskele

    computer science graduate from wollo univeristy

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  • Hora

    I want scholarship to learn in america

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  • bonsaban atinafu hirpa

    i am,undergraduate student at wolaita sodo university,ethiopia and i have good score on my department please contact me.because i would get to study in your country.thank you!!!!!!

    Reply to bonsaban atinafu hirpa
  • Abebe sientayhu

    Iam Abebe sientayhu Am very Happy firee siclarshop halp me

    Reply to Abebe sientayhu
  • Delesa Diro

    I would like to have a chance of studying in one of USA colleges , If I fill the criteria of your selection let you response by #delesad73@gmail.com. now I am Gc , I will graduate after 78 days of today in Civil-eng’g in Ethiopia
    I will respond as you’ll want my data/form.
    thank you for giving a chance to participate!

    Reply to Delesa Diro
  • Yonatan Alemayehu

    Hello, I am Yonatan Alemayehu from Ethiopia. Now I’m 2nd year computer science student,and I want to get free scholarship and upgrade my status. So I ask you with a great respect to help me and contact me with my email address. Thank you!!

    Reply to Yonatan Alemayehu
  • Sachindra Thapa magar

    I want to study in US. Me Sachindra thapa from Nepal. I’m undergraduate student from science faculty. I prefer to get quality education. our colledge can’t provides us needy equipments and others advanced lab tools even pqying high fees here. I just belive in quallity education rather than quantity. so I want to study in the U.S universities.

    Reply to Sachindra Thapa magar
  • lingerew abawa

    my name is Lingerew from Ethiopia. I’m an engineering student. And I went to learn further too.so please invite me to get this scholarship. email lingetew2abawa@gmail.com

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  • Alemayehu

    My name is Alemayehu. A from Ethiopia.I am at student BSC civil engineering. After one year I want to study masters program with related civil engineer in your university if its possible help me.

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    My name is Mihiretu Kanko.I’m from Ethiopia.I’m 3rd year civil engineering student now.I want to get free scholarship to learn at this famous University and to solve(help) the public by the knowledge that i get from this university. so please please. give me a chance!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to MIHURETU
  • diriba taye

    my name is diriba taye from Ethiopia ,I want to study master in public health a there ,please can I get any scholarship at there?

    Reply to diriba taye
  • bogale molla

    hey dear ,my name is bogale molla from Ethiopia.i am at student in BSC nursing and i want to study in your university .if it is possible please help me and thanks for this chance

    Reply to bogale molla
  • Tilahun Yilma

    hey my name is tilahun yilma from Ethiopia.I graduate in Political Science and International Relations from on of Ethiopian University and I want to study in your state Uversities please help me. Thank for giving us these great opportunities.

    Reply to Tilahun Yilma
  • Marvin Obiri

    do you offer nursing?
    Am Marvin Obiri Ombui from Kisii , Kenya.

    Reply to Marvin Obiri

    Hello, my name is Gerard from Burundi, i want this opportunity to study in your pestigious university. i need scholarship for free tuition, please help me and contact me at this email gerard2014ndayi@gmail.com

    Reply to Gerard NDAYIRUKIYE
  • Fayissa Usman

    My name is Fayissa Usman I am graduate by Industrial chemistry from Addis ababa Science and Technology .with GPA 3.54 please if a chance to get scholarship don’t forget me contact Email fayissau@gmail.com mobile number +251932579699

    Reply to Fayissa Usman
  • Abu Girma

    my name:Abu Girma from Ethiopia
    this opportunity is dream in my heart.This idea is very important for developing country
    my info: +251921691416 & email_ abuabugirma1988@gmail.com

    Reply to Abu Girma
  • mitiku endale

    i have BCS in civil engineering, but know i want to masters degree in structural engineering.

    Reply to mitiku endale
  • Elias

    I am Elias Aliye Genemo and I am from Ethiopia and I have BA degree in Public and Development Management from Government university and finally if you give me a chance to study in your country I want to study in the field of Accounting and Finance…Thanks for all.

    Reply to Elias
  • Uwimana solange

    Hello,my name is solange and Iam in Rwanda and iam in university of Rwanda college of education and I want to continue my studies in America,please help get a scholarship. Thank you.

    Reply to Uwimana solange
  • Kebede Negese

    hello dear, i am from Ethiopia. my name is kebede negese, i am happy hearing such kind of opportunity from your university! i have taken Bsc in public health from jimma university in 2014/05. now am eager to learn my master in any health related field!please contact me by email address nkebeda@gmail.com

    Reply to Kebede Negese
  • Hailemariam girma

    Hello , i am hailemariam girma, from Ethiopia. I want to join American youniversity with free scholarship in any natural science stream. But have BSc degree in agro Economics. So please help me! My Email ghailemariam4@gmail.com

    Reply to Hailemariam girma
  • ridwan

    hi,i need u.s scholarship pls .i want to futhermore my education.

    Reply to ridwan
  • bintsa meresa

    I am Hintsa Meresa from Ethiopia I am very eager to learn with you. So please help me to bring sustainable solution for my country after return or completed.

    Reply to bintsa meresa
  • uwambaye yvette

    am called yvette uwambaye from Rwanda i need to get scholarship from American collage i wish to become a national journalism

    Reply to uwambaye yvette
  • Dams

    I need ur help 2 further more in my education. I wish 2 become civil engineer in d nearest future….

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  • Abuna Gutema

    I would like to get free scholar from American University

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  • Abuna Gutema

    I would like to earn scholarships from American Collage

    Reply to Abuna Gutema
  • Raphael timothy

    hello sir I am Raphael timothy. I am from nigeria and I need the scholarship to be recruited.
    phone number: 07019449826

    Reply to Raphael timothy
  • Eshetu Hizkeal

    Hi, I’m Eshetu Hizkeal from Ethiopia and i’ve Bacheler of science in Nursing and I want to continue my education with masters program in related field. I need ur help, Thank You! you can contact me via Facebook account or e-mail
    phone no. +251911040993

    Reply to Eshetu Hizkeal
  • Tariq Aziz

    I want to master in an American university

    Reply to Tariq Aziz
  • habtamu ali

    hello my name is habtamu ali .l am BA in economics from hawassa university . ihave a rel intarst in stdied in USA plce help me foe this chance and contact me 0945688885

    Reply to habtamu ali
  • Haileysus ayele

    I am an ethiopian. I want to be succed in education,in scince, i belive i have a potential to do anything so if u don’t mind pls give me chance.

    Reply to Haileysus ayele
  • Ibsa Ahmed Abdula

    I need to study in United State of America & If I get this very satisfactory opportunity &due to I am from poor parent &poverty content which is Africa especially Ethiopia &I wish you will give me this happy opportunity& I want to study medical doctor &other fields my fate will meet

    Reply to Ibsa Ahmed Abdula
  • workalem

    Am from ethiopia i have BA DEGREE in management.i need to get master program in fields. pls help me by this phone number +25916729731.God bless all the world.

    Reply to workalem
  • workalem

    I’am from ethiopia. i need to get this good chance.pls help me.

    Reply to workalem
  • sudi

    hi,my name is Sudi Hajure I am from Ethiopian. I have BSC degree in iformatio technology (IT). I have interesting scholarship in USA to study my second degree. please help me! my phone number:+251921499112

    Reply to sudi
  • sudi

    hi,my name is Sudi Hajure I am from Ethiopian. I have BSC degree in iformatio technology (IT). I have interesting scholarship in USA to study my second degree. please help me!

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  • faysel abadiga

    please help me for further study am from ethiopian with a greate applogize help me for schoolarship my contact mobile number +251924806668 and my email address fayselimam25@gmail.com please i wait ur response

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  • Gatluak riak toang

    My name is gatluak riak from ethiopia i am really interesting in scholar ship of usa. I graduated from collage since 2014 i am looking for chance to aquire my degree from usa here is my email adress gatluak_r@yahoo.com.

    Reply to Gatluak riak toang
  • Tutlokpal

    Hello My name is TUT LOK PAL i have my first BA degree in GENERAL MANAGEMENT and i want to have another Degree in COMPUTER SCIENCE i would like to abegg your steemed university to recruit me and learn my 2nd BA degree in U.S . and i do have interest to learn there .Here is my phone no:+251945656058

    Reply to Tutlokpal
  • Rovina Roselene Wright

    How can i enroll? Is there any scholarship available?.

    Reply to Rovina Roselene Wright
  • mutiat

    Pls am new here an i need u guys assistance

    Reply to mutiat
  • Legesse

    My name is legesse , i want to study in USA, i have doctotrial degree in veterinary medicine, so how i can get this chance?

    Reply to Legesse
  • temesgen abeto

    my name is temesgen .i’m 4 th yr student how i get scolar from this university?

    Reply to temesgen abeto
  • temesgen abeto

    how i get scolarship from d/t university.

    Reply to temesgen abeto
  • Endashaw Belew

    I m Indashaw belew, I have LLB degre from Jima unversity in Ethiopia now I m working as a free legal officer at US AID funded project of Haramaya UnverSity school of law I need to have my LLM in any of US unversity if any please don’t hesitate to contact me

    Reply to Endashaw Belew
  • Kidane Fikre

    I am kidane Fikre from Ethiopia. I have Bsc. degree in electrical engineering and i want to contiue my Master in related field in the university of USA if i get chance please contact me by the e-mail kidanefikre08@gmail.com

    Reply to Kidane Fikre
  • Sisay

    My name is Sisay Shiferaw I’m graduated BSc in Civil Engineering from Haramaya University, Ethiopia. Now I’m an assistant lecturer in my home university. I need to lear n Msc program in one of the Colleges abroad. Contact me by my email address.

    Reply to Sisay

    I am from Ethiopia I have Bsc I want interest medical department scholarship USA

    Reply to ABINET
  • Abdata Aliyi

    I am from Ethiopia I want interest to schoolership USA university if give chance pleace contact adress Abdata406@gmail.com

    Reply to Abdata Aliyi
  • Eyerusalem

    Am from Ethiopia & I learn BSc degree one of Ethiopian universities.,it is a good idea for African students & I need free scholar ship program please inform me in my email address

    Reply to Eyerusalem
  • biniyam


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  • biniyam

    I Am Looking For Free Scohlarship From Ethiopia And I Have Bsc Degree

    Reply to biniyam
  • Yusuf mohammednur

    Pls help me to attend this scholarship i need it am from Ethiopia I’m most talented student. I would be a great doctor i score 4 in grade 10 and 523 In my entrance to university exam. Thank u for your attention

    Reply to Yusuf mohammednur
  • Kedir Abdella

    I am kedir Abdella from Ethiopia.I have BSc degree in electrical engineering and want to study my MSc degree if i get chance

    Reply to Kedir Abdella
  • Danel Gashaw

    nice opportunity for me and students can u give me this chance to get scholarship in USA.thank u and contact me by e-mail address.

    Reply to Danel Gashaw
  • Tariku

    I need join this university pleace give me achance.

    Reply to Tariku
  • Nabina Dahal

    I highly enthusiastic to know the about some of the reputed colleges so that i could join .& to study the courses of my own choice…….with scholarship on their basis . .So hope for the better career to build for the better future of my own …..
    thank u to all for informing us this golden opportuntiny to study In USA

    Reply to Nabina Dahal
  • yemane hadush

    i like to get to usa scholarship from ethiopia please help me 0939218212 thanks

    Reply to yemane hadush
  • Amidu Conteh

    Note Education is the biggest investment a person can discover . 076593131 for more more information and.

    Reply to Amidu Conteh
  • Amidu Conteh

    please ,please ma searching for a scholarship for my studies as an Information and communication Technology. Much effort is recommended .

    Reply to Amidu Conteh
  • Amidu Conteh

    I need a great help please .Life so rough and toff for me .Great help is recommended .

    Reply to Amidu Conteh
  • Anoiar

    Hey ! Im from tunisia and I have just started my first year in faculty of arts I would like to get schoulership

    Reply to Anoiar
  • Gordon muorwel Makuei

    Am happy to see this today I want to study in USA may i and how can i join?

    Reply to Gordon muorwel Makuei
  • Aklilu

    Hello, I am Aklilu kefyalew from Ethiopia. I have bachelors degre in Nursing and I want to learn masters program in related field. Please contact me by this email address- aklilukefyalew7@gmail.com THANK YOU.

    Reply to Aklilu
  • Tamim

    I am tamim from Bangladesh. i am very interested in phd programme. have any phd programme in us college with scolership.

    Reply to Tamim
  • Abdihakim mahamed yusuf

    I am from Ethiopia and I learn one of Ethiopian university accounting department although I still didn’t graduate I would like to get schoulership from America lastly thanks

    Reply to Abdihakim mahamed yusuf
  • Eddie M.Faiju

    My Name is Eddie M.Faijue from Liberia can i get a scholarship to do a master in Business ?

    Reply to Eddie M.Faiju
  • Gemechis Adugna

    I need your help to be succeeded. pls help me, i am interested in education in ur country, I am Gemechis from Ethiopia.

    Reply to Gemechis Adugna

    HI my name is Ibrahim jalloh lives in sierra Leone am a student i want to fodder my education but am poor am relay looking for help

  • Osama

    I need free scholarship in US. please ! let me know if there . I have degree in Commerce ! in part 1 D.Com , & part 2nd is now starting
    plz let me say plz

    Reply to Osama
  • Ensa

    Every day when i wake up in the morning or at night all i thing is about you guys,weather you people will help us to built a bether life for our feature bether than living the street life?My name is Ensa kebbeh from the Gambia,a high school graduate but no one help to further my education.Since my childhood time(from the day i know my self)is only my mother who cared or used to paid for my education up to this level.Sorry for writing this but i don’t havd a way to solve it,but my father care me and my brother’s.This is all because that he with his other wife’s blieve that my mum son will never make it in life,all of my mum’s son’s they endup to left school since their primary level but for me i inseated or decided to continue up to this level my the help of my mum,because that she is a cleaner from of a school in gambia called gambia methodist academic,right now am begining to adopt the street and i do not want to suffer like wise that my mum have suffer.Am alway searching for her blessing

    Reply to Ensa
  • Abdi Gemechu

    wow it is nice chance to get this scholarship program here .please inform us on our Facebook or email address . l am Abdi Gemechu from Ethiopia. thank you!!

    Reply to Abdi Gemechu
  • Numvi Nelson

    my name is numvi am from cameroon i wish to ask if there is away that the school or a person can sponsor me to further my education after graduation i can then work an balance the person

    Reply to Numvi Nelson
  • Ensa

    In this life we are living now,if you do not wake up your self no one will wake you up.So if you do not know where are you heading just get back to where your are from,please sir/madam will you people just care’s for the poor,just to give us a better feature that we are yarning,thank you.

    Reply to Ensa
  • William H. Myers

    I’m a Freshman student of the Cuttington University, I need a scholarship to continue my study. I have a GPA of 3.50 but I don’t have money to continue, I need Your help.

    Reply to William H. Myers
  • emebet zeleke

    i am from ethiopian and undergraduate veterinary student. i need this scholarship eagerly and if there may a chance for me, please contact me by e-mail

    Reply to emebet zeleke
  • Jehovahnis

    i’am from Rwanda, I have high school diploma
    I want to continue my study
    please help me to gat scholarship

    thank you

    Reply to Jehovahnis
  • Bipana Rokaya

    i need scholarship in USA college plz can i get scholarship plz if there plz inform me i want to study plz from nepal

    Reply to Bipana Rokaya
  • Bipana Rokaya

    i need scholarship in USA college plz can i get scholarship plz if there plz inform me i want to study plz

    Reply to Bipana Rokaya
  • Bipana Rokaya

    i need scholarship in USA college please if there is seat for scholarship plz inform i want to study .I am f rom nepal and family status is very poor but i want to study

    Reply to Bipana Rokaya
  • Jean dela croix IYAKAREMYE

    I want to get free scholarship

    Reply to Jean dela croix IYAKAREMYE
  • choice kpukuyou

    I think God has directed me to this great opportunity,i’m a striving liberian who is seeking the highest level of education,how can l obtain a free scholarship in the united states,please help me

    Reply to choice kpukuyou
  • hassannur abdirahman kalif

    thank you for give this chance that I gate this scholarship

    Reply to hassannur abdirahman kalif
  • Micheal Louson

    Hey I need ascholarship. PLEASE inform me if there is any

    Reply to Micheal Louson
  • yimesgen

    my name is yimesgen ketema ,i lives in Ethiopia,Adis ababa a graduated by industial engineering and know in work if you interested to the scholar please contactme by my email adress

    Reply to yimesgen
  • tofik kemal

    my name is tofik kemal from ethiopia I want to study master in civil engineering at there. please can i get any scholarship at there?

    Reply to tofik kemal
  • Vamuyah Ali Nyei


    Reply to Vamuyah Ali Nyei
  • Mahmoud Sheriff

    hey nice to see this college here but I am in Sierra Leone how can I be recruited into this college? pls help

    Reply to Mahmoud Sheriff
  • Albert Kennedy


    Reply to Albert Kennedy
  • hiwot

    my name is hiwot andargie from ethiopia i want to get this scholarship please help me

    Reply to hiwot
  • Michael S. Taylor

    How can I apply for a scholarship if there’s any? I’m from Africa.

    Reply to Michael S. Taylor
  • senesie brima

    please i need help from this college, am in sierra leone

    Reply to senesie brima
  • Ermias Solomon

    I need free scholarship in US pls let me know if there . I have M.tech degree in construction engineering and management from Indian institute of technology -New Delhi India in 2013 .

    Reply to Ermias Solomon
  • fred Tamba jr

    Is this college intile for africans students?

    Reply to fred Tamba jr
  • BOUARE Alou

    this a good idea

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