Zapier announces release of new app Digest to reduce distraction

By Oliver Griffin November 16, 2016

Digest, a new app from Zapier, is launching to help users stay up-to-date on the things they care about. The app aggregates information before automatically delivering to users when they want schedule. 

After downloading, users simply pick from over 500 tools they are already using and tell Zapier what they want the app to gather. Digest collects that info, assembles a summary, and delivers it to a platform of choice.

Digest will let users compile new blog posts, messages, notes, sales, tasks, or whatever else. If it’s in a web app, chances are that Zapier can locate and curate it.

Wade Foster, co-founder and CEO of Zapier, said, “There’s a lot of distraction in today’s workplace. People think they need to pay attention to every little notification, otherwise they might miss something. That can feel really overwhelming, and it’s not efficient.

“We built Digest to help people consume information on their schedule. So instead of reacting to emails, mentions, or whatever as they come in, you can aggregate them with Digest.

“You also choose where and how often we deliver that summary. It’s a lot more convenient than fetching all the data yourself, and you can catch up whenever you’re ready.”

The app is billed for release soon, so stay up to date online.


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