How startups are taking the fight to job hunting, and winning

By Oliver Griffin November 15, 2016

Let’s face it, job hunting is no one’s favorite pastime. The uncertainty, the effort, the worry that ‘the one’ might go to that underserving rival of yours – it all makes for a very unfair experience.

Compounded with rising levels of student debt – loans have exploded to more than $1.3trn and almost 75 percent of grads retain $35,000 in loans – and job hunting can feel like a dangerous countdown between having money or moving back in with your parents.

And that’s just in the US. The eternal millennial problem – i.e. financial security – is felt across countries, made worse by other generations’ insistence on voting poorly *cough* Brexit *cough* Trump.

Another important component  to consider is that millennials themselves are rarely in it for the long haul with any chosen job. Compared to generation X and those Baby Boomers before them, who stay in any given job for up to five years, millennials typically only stick around for two.

Luckily, agile startups are starting to take career hunting seriously. And they aren’t elitist like LinkedIn, either. No, startups are examining the way people live now – never more than a pocket away from a smartphone – to help them find the opportunities they need to advance their careers.

One such platform is Neuvoo, an international job search aggregator founded in 2011 by Benjamin Philion, Maxime Droux and Lucas Martínez. The team is based in Montreal, Canada, and has expanded over the last five years to gain footholds in more than 60 countries, with presence in all the continents.

Neuvoo is a free job search aggregator that indexes jobs directly from companies’ career websites, placement agencies and job boards. The platform makes the posted information trustworthy for the users and also gives them the opportunity to access the job applications without having to register.

Similarly, Switch is an app that works in much the same vein as dating app Tinder. Users merely swipe left or right depending on how suitable the job is and can connect closely with hiring managers. This saves having to fill out lengthy application processes, or the even more disheartening dispensing of resumés.


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