Featured Startup Pitch: Supacell – LED Lighting that saves up to 90 percent on energy

COMPANY: Supacell LED Lighting ELEVATOR PITCH High quality, affordable LED lighting that saves up to 90 percent on energy. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Supacell LED uses the latest technology to deliver superior LED lighting that can save customers money over the long term and also benefit the environment compared to the impact of normal incandescent bulbs. With … [Read more...]

Pfizer Consumer Healthcare partners with Galvanize to launch health and wellness innovation program in San Francisco

Up to 10 Startups Will Gain Access to the Expertise of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare and Galvanize to Develop Their Businesses February 11, 2016 – Galvanize and Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH) today announced a joint health and wellness innovation program that will enable up to ten startup companies specializing in the development of potential solutions for improved sleep, … [Read more...]

Ecwid offers first white-label e-commerce reseller program for web developers and agencies

Ecwid’s Jumpstart is the only private-label e-commerce partner program available to resellers of any size globally SAN DIEGO, CA – Ecwid, the leading commerce platform that enables anyone to sell easily on any website, today announced its Jumpstart Reseller Program. Ecwid’s newest partner program is the first and only to enable agencies, developers and all web professionals … [Read more...]

VoterGuru launches political match making app

VoterGuru Co-Founders, Ben Krakow and Ben Atkins, Seek to Educate Voters and Identify their Closest Ideological Candidate Match NEW YORK, NY, FEBRUARY 10, 2016—VoterGuru, a New York-based tech startup that matches users with declared presidential candidates, announced today the launch of its Web platform. The company has raised capital via Horizon Media’s Incubator program … [Read more...]

Video Pitch: LiquidText

LiquidText - “Comprehend more.” https://youtu.be/I73dXR8clqA HEADQUARTERS: New York City WEBSITE: liquidtext.net YEAR FOUNDED: 2012 TWITTER: @LiquidTextCorp LINKEDIN: facebook.com/LiquidText … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Mobilize – Better communication with external groups and networks

COMPANY: Mobilize ELEVATOR PITCH Mobilize is a relationship management solution for independent groups, or global enterprise networks. Organize and communicate with your groups all in one place - it’s powerful and easy to use! Group managers at leading companies are #mobilizing their groups of partners or members, including Microsoft, Google, Prezi, Etsy, Seedcamp, … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: Rapidus – 1-hour and same-day delivery service

COMPANY: Rapidus ELEVATOR PITCH Rapidus’ 1-hour and same-day delivery services use a network of drivers and advanced technology for faster deliveries at a low cost. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Rapidus is a one-tap solution for business package delivery with 24/7 availability. It provides the utility of Uber, for the courier service space. The service brings paid … [Read more...]

ComfyLight surpasses Kickstarter goal in less than 7 hours for intruder-repelling LED lights

ComfyLight AG recently announced that it met its Kickstarter goal in less than 7 hours for its smart light bulb that actively protects your home from intruders. The campaign at www.comfylight.com/kickstarter began on January 22nd, 2016, and has nearly doubled its goal already. With three weeks left in the campaign, ComfyLight continues to recruit early backers, to further … [Read more...]

Featured Startup Pitch: accessART – A global online art platform

COMPANY: accessART ELEVATOR PITCH accessART is a global online art platform linking hand-picked artists to art buyers that are looking for something unique, yet affordable. accessART aims to make art under €1000 from anywhere in the world accessible and easy and fun to purchase while empowering individual artists to sell their works online. PRODUCT/SERVICE … [Read more...]

1099 vs. W2 – What do on-demand workers prefer?

If you're following the on-demand economy, it's almost impossible to avoid all of the press around the workers being paid as either a 1099 or a W-2. Every single day there's a new article about how workers in ridesharing companies and delivery companies might be wrongly classified as 1099s when they should, in fact, be full- or part-time W-2 employees. What can on-demand … [Read more...]