Backtracker Product Shot1

Featured Startup Pitch: Backtracker wants to make the road a safer place for cyclists with its radar-based technology

By Franz Struwig, Backtracker co-founder ELEVATOR PITCH Backtracker aims to change the face of road safety for cyclists by providing them with affordable, state of the art, military-grade radar technology to warn them of approaching vehicles from behind, while also warning drivers that a cyclist is up ahead. PRODUCT/SERVICE … [Read More...]

The Rormix team.

Featured Startup Pitch: Move over Vevo, Rormix is building an online music video platform for indie artists

By Emma Owens, Rormix co-founder and CMO ELEVATOR PITCH Rormix is a free app on which allows users to discover music videos from independent and unsigned artists. Officially launched in April, 2014, it has now been downloaded in 180 countries, 100,000 times. All the music videos are curated by a team of in-house music lovers to ensure a … [Read More...]


Featured Startup Pitch: Jerusalem-based ThetaRay taps big data to secure big networks

By Mark Gazit, ThetaRay CEO ELEVATOR PITCH ThetaRay helps critical infrastructure organizations and financial institutions detect and stop unknown threats. Covert APT attacks, fraud, money-laundering and operational faults like device malfunction or looming outage can be stopped before any damage occurs. SERVICE DESCRIPTION Leveraging … [Read More...]

OnBeep founders Roger Wood, Jesse Robbins and Greg Albrecht.

With a big funding round ($6M+) completed, OnBeep looks to bring its wearable, real-time group communications device to market

A Q&A with OnBeep co-founder and CEO Jesse Robbins. The San Francisco-based startup, which is developing a wearable, gesture-based communications device, announced in late August the closing of a $6.25 million Series A funding round. It was founded last year by Robbins, CTO Greg Albrecht and lead designer Roger Wood. This is its first round of … [Read More...]


JIBO shatters crowdfunding goal for its robot with ‘heart’

A Q&A with JIBO co-founder and CEO Cynthia Breazeal. The Boston-based robotics startup has passed the $2 million mark in its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign (with an original goal of $100,000), with four days left. It was founded in 2012, and also raised a Seed funding round, amount undisclosed, over the summer. SUB: Please describe JIBO and … [Read More...]

PointShout screenshot2

Featured Startup Pitch: Brussels-based Point Shout has built a mobile app that enables instant consumer feedback for brick-and-mortar retailers

By Ionut Danifeld, Point Shout co-founder ELEVATOR PITCH Established in 2013, Point Shout is a subscription-based mobile and web app solution that enables businesses to listen, engage, and react more effectively to their customers’ needs. We facilitate easier customer feedback while improving customer loyalty. PRODUCT/SERVICE … [Read More...]


Finding the sweet spot in pricing startup products and services

By Melissa Gelfand, SurePayroll Let’s face it. You started a business for a variety of reasons, and one reason was inevitably to make money. Depending on your business model, pricing products and services may be more-or-less difficult. Initially, you may look at the costs of goods sold, your direct or indirect competitors’ pricing, and your … [Read More...]

Bridestory screenshot

Indonesian startup Bridestory has its sights set on tapping into the huge Asia-Pacific wedding services market

A Q&A with Bridestory co-founder and CEO Kevin Mintaraga. The Jakarta, Indonesia-based wedding vendor marketplace announced in late August that it has raised an undisclosed amount of Seed funding from Sovereign’s Capital, BEENOS Plaza, East Ventures, and Fenox Venture Capital. It was founded last year by Mintaraga and COO Etienne Emile, and … [Read More...]

Decorist logo

Featured Startup Pitch: Decorist wants to make interior design more affordable and personalized for the masses

By Gretchen Hansen, Decorist co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Decorist is an interior design platform—consisting of an expert team of brand managers, consumer software solutions, and online fashion retail—that connects users to affordable and personalized design solutions. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Decorist is the first interior … [Read More...]

Sherly OneDrive

Featured Startup Pitch: Originally founded in Poland, now Silicon Valley-based has built a private cloud network that makes security a priority

By Blazej Marciniak, co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH is a software-based, localized private cloud network that allows for invite-only, limited-access file sharing and keeps information on connected hardware devices. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION is a software-based, localized private cloud network that allows for … [Read More...]

ClutchPrep screenshot

Featured Startup Pitch: ClutchPrep’s textbook-specific videos are made to help college students get better grades

By Marcio Souza, ClutchPrep co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Clutch Prep helps college students actually understand concepts and score higher in tests by offering high quality, in-depth and textbook-specific supplemental videos. PRODUCT/FEATURE DESCRIPTION Our supplemental, textbook-specific videos courses feature: Concept videos … [Read More...]

Gregory Gretsch, Sigmawest

Sales and marketing funnel best practices: Tech startup perspective

By Greg Gretsch, Sigma West managing director At a recent summit hosted by Sigma West, sales and marketing leaders met to share best practices for startup technology companies. The discussion focused on how having a cloud or SaaS (Software-as-a-Service)-like delivery model broadened the universe of prospective customers, but also required … [Read More...]

MartMobi screenshots

Featured Startup Pitch: MartMobi’s ecommerce platform is built to enable more merchants to optimize for sales via mobile device

By Satya Krishna Ganni, MartMobi co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH MartMobi’s mobile ecommerce platform helps online retailers dramatically improve their mobile conversions. The platform enables seamless connectivity with a retailer’s existing shopping cart solutions—such as Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, and Yahoo—and provides beautiful … [Read More...]

Roost screenshot3

Just launched in its first market, Roost is bringing peer-to-peer to the self-storage business

A Q&A with Roost co-founder and CEO Jonathan Gillon. The San Francisco-based peer-to-peer self-storage platform announced its launch in the San Francisco area (its first market) in late August. It was founded earlier this year by Gillon and Bonnie Lai, and is backed to this point by about $300,000 in Angel funding. SUB: Please describe Roost … [Read More...]

TheBabyBurp screenshot

Featured Startup Pitch: The Baby Burp is a marketplace for independent baby- and mom-focused retailers that features an integrated gift registry

By Amy Lingawi, The Baby Burp founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH The Baby Burp is an online marketplace of everything baby, toddler and mommy. It is unlike any other baby-related marketplaces that are found on the web that focus on used or gently-used baby items. The Baby Burp has new, handmade, custom and innovative products. PRODUCT … [Read More...]


As mobile video advertising grows by leaps-and-bounds, Conversion Logic offers advertisers analytics across platforms and devices

A Q&A with Conversion Logic co-founder and CEO Trevor Testwuide. The Santa Monica-based startup, which offers video ad performance insights and analytics across platforms and devices, earlier this month announced the closing of a $1.1 million Seed funding round from Angel investors. It was founded early this year by Testwuide and COO Allison … [Read More...]

Sagi Bakshi, ironSource

Why be ‘lean’ when you could run a ‘fat’ startup?

By Sagi Bakshi, GM of installCore at ironSource From diets to startup advice, everyone is promoting the idea of ‘lean.’ But being told to create a lean startup was one of the first (of many) rules we ignored when we established ironSource. Instead of concentrating on one product for a sustained amount of time, we quickly developed four core … [Read More...]

Min Pyo Hong, SEWORKS

Featured Startup Pitch: SEWORKS is on a mission to help developers identify and fix real vulnerabilities in mobile apps

By Min-Pyo Hong, founder and CEO, SEWORKS ELEVATOR PITCH The mobile app client is often the weakest link targeted by hackers, yet a majority of security solutions focus exclusively on protecting the device or the server data. SEWORKS provides layered, comprehensive security for mobile developers that secures apps against the widest possible … [Read More...]


StrataCloud’s enterprise IT solution is built to make data centers more manageable

A Q&A with StrataCloud CEO Brian Cohen. The Atlanta-based startup, which offers enterprises a unified IT infrastructure management solution, announced a couple of weeks ago that it has raised $2 million in Seed funding from investors Hallett Capital and BLH Venture Partners. The company was founded earlier this year after the team acquired the … [Read More...]

BatCrab screenshot1

Featured Startup Pitch: Lithuanian startup BatCrab wants to make mobile devices around the world into full-feature business phone systems

By Edvinas Mancas, BatCrab co-founder ELEVATOR PITCH BatCrab turns any cell phone into a fully-featured business phone system in 60 countries, allowing SMBs to manage their calls better and sound professional. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BatCrab is a tool to turn any cell phone into a fully-featured business phone system. As there are a lot of … [Read More...]