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Smartzer’s video overlay tech is built to make content ‘shoppable’

A Q&A with Smartzer founder Karoline Gross. The London-based visual commerce tech startup announced last week that it has raised a total of $400,000 in Angel funding from entrepreneur Jamie True and other, undisclosed, investors. It was founded in 2012. SUB: Please describe Smartzer and your primary innovation. Gross: Smartzer aims to … [Read More...]

Lorraine Dahlinger, FromtheLab

Female founders and the evolution of ecommerce

By Lorraine Dahlinger, From the Lab founder There are basic, and well-documented, behavioral differences between the way men and women shop online. Women typically browse products, read reviews, look for bargains, and utilize online chats and discussion forums. Not only is shopping online a social act for many women, it’s an increasingly … [Read More...]

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Eversight lands $9.7M for its cloud-based promotions platform built to optimize the way retailers reach consumers

A Q&A with Eversight co-founders Jamie Rapperport (CEO) and David Moran (chairman). The Palo Alto-based marketing technology startup announced the completion of a $9.7 million Series A funding round at the start of this month from Emergence Capital Partners. It was founded in 2013, and this is its first notable round of outside … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: Project Fellows gives creatives the chance to connect with each other for collaborative projects

By Andrei Marchenko, Project Fellows founder ELEVATOR PITCH Project Fellows is a platform where people who have an idea can find fellows to create some project together or find an interesting project to join. Also it gives opportunity to have a blog of the project to inform followers about project news, collect feedback and … [Read More...]

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Authy wants to kill the password with two-factor authentication that’s built for ease-of-use

A Q&A with Authy founder Daniel Palacio. The San Francisco-based startup, which offers a two-factor authentication platform built to be easy-to-use, announced in September that it has closed on $3 million in new Seed funding. Investors include Salesforce Ventures, Startcaps Ventures, Data Collective and Digital Garage. The company was founded … [Read More...]

Jinesh Parekh, Idyllic

Six rules of the startup CTO playbook

By Jinesh Parekh, Idyllic Software CEO What is it like being the CTO of a startup? Titles mean zilch in the startup frame of things. You know it’s true. Sometimes roles get so mixed up it’s difficult to figure out what anyone is expected to do. A startup CTO is a large company’s CTO, CIO, and VP of engineering, all rolled into one. And that is … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: Braineet enables brands to elicit proactive feedback and new ideas from customers

By Jonathan Livescault, Braineet co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Braineet is a web and app platform to share your smart ideas—in 140 characters starting with ‘What if’—with every brand to improve the products and services you use every day. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Today, millions of customers are lost…while brands are desperately … [Read More...]

Authorea demo-homepage

Authorea wants to remake the academic collaboration process with its cloud-based platform for researchers and scholars

A Q&A with Authorea co-founder Alberto Pepe. The New York City-based startup, which has built a cloud-based collaboration platform for academic and technical documents, announced in late September that it has secured $610,000 in Seed funding. Investors include ff Venture Capital and NY Angels. The company was founded in 2012 by Pepe and Nathan … [Read More...]

BarkerKitsen products

Featured Startup Pitch: Health food for pets: Barker Kitsen brings specialized pet brands to the masses

By Candace Dannenbaum, Barker Kitsen co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Barker Kitsen is a discovery platform for urban pet parents to discover under-the-radar brands, new services and ultimate experiences. PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Barker Kitsen is a resource—a dog lover’s guide to find the best under-the-radar products, newest … [Read More...]

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Berlin’s Remerge wants to help mobile app developers recapture lost users

A Q&A with Remerge co-founder and CEO Pan Katsukis. The Berlin-based mobile app-focused adtech startup announced at the start of October that it has raised $1 million in Seed funding from Point Nine Capital and WestTech Ventures. It was founded earlier this year by Katsukis, CRO Benjamin Beivers, CTO Martin Karlsch, VP Engineering Christian … [Read More...]

Updatezen Interface

Featured Startup Pitch: UpdateZen seeks to simplify status reporting for managers and employees in the enterprise

By Paul Ruderman, UpdateZen founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH UpdateZen is a simple status-reporting solution designed for executives and managers who prefer short updates from their people, consolidated and presented in one simple interface. We limit updates to 250 characters so that managers only see what is absolutely essential for them to … [Read More...]


Making telemedicine a reality: Pristine’s HIPAA-compliant Google Glass solution for healthcare gets big backing

A Q&A with Pristine Evangelist Lucas Schlager. The Austin, Texas-based startup, which has built a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine solution for Google Glass, announced the closing of a $5.4 million Series A funding round in late September. Investors include S3 Ventures, Capital Factory and Healthfundr. It was founded last year by Kyle Samani and … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: EQtainment offers educational toys, games and books focused on teaching emotional intelligence

By Sofia Dickens, EQtainment founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH EQtainment helps parents and teachers practice social skills and behavior with their kids through fun and affordable games, toys and videos. FOUNDER’S STORY Years ago as a student at Harvard, I came across the groundbreaking research revealing that emotional intelligence … [Read More...]

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TidBitts has built a platform that gives exclusive ‘bite-sized’ content to consumers, and a new revenue stream to publishers

A Q&A with TidBitts founder and CEO Brad Greenwald. The Denver-based startup, which offers a paid publishing platform for individual publishers, launched out of beta in late September. It was founded last year and raised a Seed funding round over the summer. SUB: Please describe TidBitts and your primary innovation. Greenwald: TidBitts … [Read More...]


Featured Startup Pitch: 3D Control Systems wants to be the secure OS for 3D printing

By John Dogru, 3D Control Systems co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH 3D Printing allows us to radically disrupt the way we design, manufacture and distribute products. We’re making secure distributed manufacturing via Secured3D possible, and bringing the 3D Printing process as close to one click away with 3DPrinterOS. We’re lowering the … [Read More...]

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Indicative seeks to simplify web and mobile analytics without sacrificing effectiveness

A Q&A with Indicative co-founder and CEO Jeremy Levy. The New York City-based startup, which offers a cloud-based web and mobile analytics platform designed for technical and non-technical users alike, announced its launch out of stealth mode late last month. It was founded in 2013 by Levy and Andrew Weinreich. The team is currently raising a … [Read More...]

DreamIt DemoDayNY 2014

Meet the incubator: DreamIt Ventures

A Q&A with DreamIt Ventures CEO Kerry Rupp. The Philadelphia-based incubator was founded in 2008 by Steve Welch, Michael Levinson and David Bookspan. DreamIt operates accelerators in Austin, Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, and Tel Aviv, and according to the firm, has launched 157 companies. Incubated startups have also raised more than $171 … [Read More...]

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Campus Job’s employment marketplace connects businesses with college students for more exciting part-time jobs

A Q&A with Campus Job co-founder and CEO Liz Wessel. The New York City-based startup, which connects college students with off-campus part-time jobs, announced in late September the closing of a $965,000 Seed funding round. It was led by Box Group, and includes Lerer Ventures, Red Sea, and Kal Vepuri. The company was founded earlier this year … [Read More...]

Some news about StartUp Beat…

I don’t often post news about StartUp Beat itself. But I wanted to let you, the readers, know about some exciting changes coming to the site, beginning tomorrow. The first, and the one I’m most excited about, is that the Featured Startup Pitch is opening up to everyone. If you have started, or are part of the founding team of a legitimate … [Read More...]

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Augmate gets big backing to expand its wearable glass platform for ‘deskless’ workers

A Q&A with Augmate co-founder and CEO Pete Wassell. The New York City-based smart eyewear startup announced last week that it has raised $2.8 million in Seed funding. Investors include Tim Draper, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, Siemens Venture Capital, Simon Venture Group, Rothenberg Ventures, Excell Partners, Camp One Ventures and FP … [Read More...]