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Featured Startup Pitch: The Baby Burp is a marketplace for independent baby- and mom-focused retailers that features an integrated gift registry

By Amy Lingawi, The Baby Burp founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH The Baby Burp is an online marketplace of everything baby, toddler and mommy. It is unlike any other baby-related marketplaces that are found on the web that focus on used or gently-used baby items. The Baby Burp has new, handmade, custom and innovative products. PRODUCT … [Read More...]


As mobile video advertising grows by leaps-and-bounds, Conversion Logic offers advertisers analytics across platforms and devices

A Q&A with Conversion Logic co-founder and CEO Trevor Testwuide. The Santa Monica-based startup, which offers video ad performance insights and analytics across platforms and devices, earlier this month announced the closing of a $1.1 million Seed funding round from Angel investors. It was founded early this year by Testwuide and COO Allison … [Read More...]

Sagi Bakshi, ironSource

Why be ‘lean’ when you could run a ‘fat’ startup?

By Sagi Bakshi, GM of installCore at ironSource From diets to startup advice, everyone is promoting the idea of ‘lean.’ But being told to create a lean startup was one of the first (of many) rules we ignored when we established ironSource. Instead of concentrating on one product for a sustained amount of time, we quickly developed four core … [Read More...]

Min Pyo Hong, SEWORKS

Featured Startup Pitch: SEWORKS is on a mission to help developers identify and fix real vulnerabilities in mobile apps

By Min-Pyo Hong, founder and CEO, SEWORKS ELEVATOR PITCH The mobile app client is often the weakest link targeted by hackers, yet a majority of security solutions focus exclusively on protecting the device or the server data. SEWORKS provides layered, comprehensive security for mobile developers that secures apps against the widest possible … [Read More...]


StrataCloud’s enterprise IT solution is built to make data centers more manageable

A Q&A with StrataCloud CEO Brian Cohen. The Atlanta-based startup, which offers enterprises a unified IT infrastructure management solution, announced a couple of weeks ago that it has raised $2 million in Seed funding from investors Hallett Capital and BLH Venture Partners. The company was founded earlier this year after the team acquired the … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: Lithuanian startup BatCrab wants to make mobile devices around the world into full-feature business phone systems

By Edvinas Mancas, BatCrab co-founder ELEVATOR PITCH BatCrab turns any cell phone into a fully-featured business phone system in 60 countries, allowing SMBs to manage their calls better and sound professional. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION BatCrab is a tool to turn any cell phone into a fully-featured business phone system. As there are a lot of … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: Bubblews is a social network built on the principle that its users should be compensated for their activity

By Jason Zuccari and Arvind Dixit, Bubblews co-founders ELEVATOR PITCH Bubblews is a social network that brings a new meaning to ‘sharing’ on social media. Unlike other social platforms, which we believe to be the largest unpaid workforces in the world, we share ad revenue with our users. Users get compensated for every view, ‘like’ and … [Read More...]

Ross Beyeler, GrowthSpark

Moving from concept to business: The eight principles of Zero to One

By Ross Beyeler, founder and CEO, Growth Spark I’ve met with hundreds of entrepreneurs all at varying stages in their ventures. The overwhelming percentage, however, seem to be stuck in ‘startup’ mode (and not the sexy startup your cousin John runs in San Francisco) where they really don’t have much more than an idea and perhaps a domain name. … [Read More...]


Metanautix emerges from stealth mode to help cut the complexity out of big data analysis

A Q&A with Metanautix co-founder and CEO Theo Vassilakis. The Palo Alto-based big data analytics startup launched out of stealth mode in early August and revealed that it has raised a total of $7 million in funding. Investors include Sequoia Capital, the Stanford Endowment and Shiva Shivakumar. It was founded in 2012 by Vassilakis and Toli … [Read More...]

SwipeStation in use

SwipeStation is an on-premise marketing solution built to ‘close-the-loop’ for marketers

A Q&A with SwipeStation co-founder Sam Fresco. The Hertfordshire, UK-based startup, which offers a mobile device-connected scanner and printer for on-premise event marketing, announced in late July that it has raised £300,000 in Angel funding from investors Neil Sikka and Adrian Grumi. It was founded in 2012 by Fresco and Syd Nadim, and spun … [Read More...]

Pantry machine

Pantry’s RFID-based technology powers vending machines with fresh food that you may actually want to buy

A Q&A with Pantry co-founder Alex Yancher. The San Francisco-based startup, which offers technology that enables fresh food vending machines, announced the completion of a $1.3 million Seed funding round at the start of this month. Investors include 500 Startups, Menlo Ventures, Lemnos Labs, Arsenal Venture Partners and Angel investors. It was … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: RAZ Mobile wants to help nonprofits go mobile and make it easier for individuals to give

By Dale Knoop, RAZ Mobile founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH RAZ Mobile seeks to disrupt the philanthropy space first by delivering an iTunes model for nonprofits. With credentials in the Cloud, any donor can give to any cause on RAZ Mobile in 20 seconds. Secondly, RAZ Mobile will encourage federal subsidies for online giving tools just as the … [Read More...]

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Advice Wallet plans for big expansion in Eastern Europe with its Settle mobile payments and loyalty app

A Q&A with Advice Wallet co-founder Stas Matvienko. The Kiev, Ukraine-based startup, which offers a combined payments and loyalty app for consumers called Settle, announced the closing of a $1.5 million venture funding round at the start of August from Russian VC Life.SREDA. It was founded in 2012 by Matvienko, Anna Polishchuk, Pavel Matvienko, … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: By tapping into unused call center agent time, LiveAnswer offers small businesses access to live, 24/7 customer support

By Adam Boalt, LiveAnswer founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH LiveAnswer improves small business customer service and sales by answering their phones quickly and accurately with a live person at an affordable price. LiveAnswer provides small businesses with a custom scripting tool that empowers them to decide how they would like each of their … [Read More...]

Tracksmith Singlet red

Recently-launched Tracksmith is a niche fashion brand for serious runners

A Q&A with Tracksmith co-founder and CEO Matt Taylor. The Wellesley, Massachusetts-based startup, which produces premium clothing and bags for running enthusiasts, launched to the public in late July. It is backed by $1.6 million in Seed funding that the team raised back in November of last year from a group of investors that includes Index … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: FirmPlay is out to upset the online job search paradigm by giving job seekers insight into companies’ cultural ‘DNA’

By Vasilios Alexiou, FirmPlay co-founder ELEVATOR PITCH FirmPlay is a new job search platform that takes job seekers behind-the-scenes at companies through in-depth videos, photos and other rich content. The result—job seekers have a better chance to find a job and employer that’s right for them, and employers have the ability to showcase … [Read More...]

Engling Timothy, Michael Best

A dozen reasons why startups, and their investors, seek federal trademark registrations

By Timothy Engling, partner, Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP StartUp Beat readers are visionaries who appreciate entrepreneurship and innovation, but maybe not yet trademark law. Technology startups are frequently built with people, patents and pride. Protecting that pride has a price, and startups often must balance how to use their limited … [Read More...]

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Featured Startup Pitch: dough has built a mobile financial trading platform with an eye on Millenials

By Kristi Ross, dough co-founder and co-CEO ELEVATOR PITCH dough is a free interactive mobile app for do-it-yourself investors of all ages and stages of trading experience. dough is the first educational trading app that provides a repeatable, logical, mechanical approach to investing, while making investing visual, intuitive and entertaining … [Read More...]


With a fresh round of funding in the bank, Thinknum seeks to wean Wall Street off of ad-hoc spreadsheets with its Cloud-based financial analysis platform

A Q&A with Thinknum co-founder Justin Zhen. The New York City-based startup, which is a Cloud-based financial analysis and research platform for valuing companies, announced in late July that it has closed a $1 million Seed funding round. Investors include Pejman Mar Ventures, which led the round, Signature Capital, Green Visor Capital, 645 … [Read More...]


Featured Startup Pitch: With a focus on customer service, Wagepoint wants to take the pain out of payroll for small businesses

By Shrad Rao, Wagepoint co-founder and CEO ELEVATOR PITCH Wagepoint is an online payroll software built just for small businesses in the USA and Canada, backed by the world’s friendliest team. Over 500 customers have chosen to trust Wagepoint with their payroll—you should, too! PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION Wagepoint is simple, fast … [Read More...]