The changing face of the online marketing industry


It’s been almost half a decade since the Internet overtook television as the preferred medium for advertising, and with the advent of ever-more sophisticated mobile delivery mechanisms, 2015 promises to be yet another big year for online marketing. Perhaps the only thing getting in the way of this otherwise inexorable momentum, however, is the persistent lack of transparency … [Read more...]

Getting your startup in order


            Why-How-What or What-Why-How? For anyone considering starting up a new business in any sector there are two simple choices: • Compete in an existing market • Create a new market by inventing a new product or service. The latter is called ‘Disruptive Innovation’ because the innovation disrupts the market by … [Read more...]

Letting the litter launch your business: Successful strategies for community as business driver


Launching a company can feel like a race. With a startup, you generally have three years, give or take, to get to profitability or at least have the option to be profitable. But as any seasoned runner knows, there is more to winning a race than pure manpower—proper preparation, knowing when to conserve your energy and when to push it, and how to fuel yourself are just as … [Read more...]

Four ways startups can grow faster using data visualization


As business owners, we need to regularly keep an eye on all the important activities and processes in our business; figure out which areas are doing well and scale them, find out which areas are not doing well and fix them. However, without measurable and immediate feedback, it is difficult to figure out what’s working and what’s not. From customer transactions to purchasing … [Read more...]

The gender imbalance in tech: What it means for women


The term “gender imbalance” inevitably evokes some negative connotations — especially when it comes to the workplace — and although the realities exist, I wouldn’t have become a three-time entrepreneur and woman in the tech industry if I couldn’t navigate toward the positives of being a minority in this seemingly inhospitable landscape. Businesswoman, philanthropist, and public … [Read more...]

Eight ways for startups to successfully work with a PR agency


Every startup wants press. And not just any press, but the kind that actually moves the needle. The type of press that sends you server-melting traffic and gets you more downloads, sign-ups or leads in one day than you managed to get in the entire last month. Getting your startup favorably mentioned in the media is a huge win. Even if that website is a lot smaller than a … [Read more...]

Best practices: Scaling your startup


As Unilever Foundry and Lions Innovation launch a global search for the World’s top 50 marketing technology startups – The Foundry 50, head of Unilever Foundry, Jeremy Basset, discusses what early stage startups need to do to make sure they’re ready to scaleup. There are plenty of big brands who realise the possibilities that arise from working with startups. We know that … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding reinvented: Raising capital in the digital age

Benoit Vialle,

By BENOIT VIALLE, NAKEDWINES.COM COO The concept of crowdfunding isn’t new, but technology has given it a fresh spin with multiple platforms springing up to fund everything from school band trips to startups. Project-based startup platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have gained widespread use as a way to raise funds for specific business ventures and product development … [Read more...]

Old and new: Global startup activity continues to thrive

Gust Q4 2014

By Justin Cina, Gust marketing director Early-stage investment activity in the United States continued to remain strong in the last quarter of 2014, especially in powerhouse markets like California and New York, but the last quarter of 2014 also saw the emergence of new markets and industries taking up a larger percentage of funding applications. This is according to … [Read more...]

Well-funded competitors, a dream, and LinkedIn: How I raised $7 million in 30 days for my startup

Colin Campbell, .CLUB

By Colin Campbell, .CLUB Domains founder, president, and CEO I had a problem. A problem that almost every startup faces: Raising money. I had to raise $7 million fast for a concept that hadn’t yet generated any revenue, but I had to do it in 30 days, all without a broker, and all on my own. In 2013 I had applied for a valuable stake of land on the Internet—a new domain … [Read more...]