The need for speed in startups: How content analysis can create a more confident path for success

The rise of big data, business intelligence and analytics tools of all types are creating incredible strategic new options for modern day startups. No longer are these tools and applications reserved for large enterprises, rather by tapping into the recent availability of APIs for such technologies, startups can easily and cost effectively speed application deployments which … [Read more...]

How to apply poker strategy to business: Numbers, strategy and intuition

The idea of taking lessons from a game often thought to depend on luck and risk-taking, and applying them to business, may seem like an unlikely one. But the truth is that the strategies used by successful poker players and entrepreneurs are surprisingly similar. The difference between winning and losing in poker lies in a player’s ability to manage their money, their odds … [Read more...]

Startup Marketing: Jingle sells – How to adapt mobile marketing campaigns for the 2015 holiday season

When people start winding down at the end of the year looking forward to the holidays, marketers are gearing up. Q4 has always been the most profitable for retailers, as people stock up on food, drinks, and presents for their loved ones. If you want to do well this season, it is imperative that as marketers you make sure you focus on what is important—targeting the right … [Read more...]

How a scoreboard changed our company culture

Everyone wants to win. But how do you know if you are winning if you don’t know the score? Measuring key performance indicators is a game changer for company culture and employee motivation. It’s about everyone on your team knowing the score of the business in real-time and using that information to boost employee motivation and direction. First, let's define company … [Read more...]

The seven scariest things to an entrepreneur

As Halloween approaches, small business and start up owners have named the seven things that scare them the most in the October 2015 SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard optimism survey. While 70 percent said they are optimistic about the small business economy, they ranked the following as the most frightening: An increase in taxes on their earnings Government … [Read more...]

Four ways to embrace transparency and make your business endearing to Millennials

Millennials are the the largest generation in the U.S., and by 2017 they will also have the greatest spending power. Millennials have consumption preferences that are distinctly different from the generations that came before them, so it is imperative that brands understand what Millennial customers value and do everything necessary to meet and exceed their … [Read more...]

How to franchise your startup and what will separate you when you are launching your brand

Franchising your business as a smaller startup brand, if done properly, can be one of the most effective, cost efficient, and productive ways to expand your business at a fast pace to become an industry leader. The concept of franchising enables businesses of all sizes to include qualified investors seeking new business development opportunities to invest into a brand to … [Read more...]

Base your source of funding on company intention and goals

The stages of funding, it is said over and over, go as follows: Friends and family, then Angels, then venture capitalists. It’s a familiar framework to any entrepreneur trying to launch a startup. However, should every entrepreneur trying to raise money assume that oft-repeated path is actually the best path? Absolutely not. Entrepreneurs should not determine their … [Read more...]

How to pivot gracefully, and not end up with your feet in the air

The ability to adapt your business model in crisis situations is an invaluable attribute for companies of all sizes. Admitting that something isn’t working or having unforeseen circumstances force change upon you is a nightmare for any business owner. It can impact you financially and affect your personal confidence. However, as reported in Forbes, 15-to-20 percent of startups … [Read more...]

Strategies for overcoming common risks when letting your Twitter fans ask you anonymous questions

Celebrities and influencers are using social media—particularly Twitter and Facebook—more-and-more to interact with their fan bases. Evidence shows that when artists and celebrities directly interact with fans, audiences respond with higher engagement. For startups and brands, leading sites such as reddit and Product Hunt offer unique insights into the mind of the online … [Read more...]