How tech startups are helping employee retention

Replacing employees is expensive, time consuming and, above all, avoidable. Ok, not completely avoidable - career ladders dictate that people must move up or on - but manageable. … [Read more...]

The new pathway for your entrepreneurship in Seoul, Seoul Global Startup Center

Ever since South Korean President Park Geun-hye kicked off her multi-billion dollar 'creative economy' drive to develop a new pillar of growth for a country overly dependent on giants like Samsung and Hyundai, the term 'startup' has grown from a faraway concept to a sexy buzzword and now a budding industry for job creation, especially for Korea’s talented and ambitious … [Read more...]

The best content marketing tools for your startup or small business

Content marketing as a technique has become extremely competitive over the past few years. As more and more businesses have discovered, it is no longer possible to simply blog about your various industry-related topics and expect to rank on search. As Facebook continues to tighten the noose over 'clickbaity' content, it is no longer possible to reach hundreds of likes and … [Read more...]

Hacking the world’s wicked problems

The ranks of entrepreneurs, including successful serial entrepreneurs, are increasing. And we have begun to see signs of a new 'new thing'--the belief that entrepreneurs hold the key to tackling some of the world's wicked problems. Three sources confirm this. The MacArthur Foundation recently announced a $100 million grant for the “organization with the best proposal to … [Read more...]

Increasing productivity at your coworking space

Bootstrapped startup teams looking for a professional working environment often prefer coworking spaces over alternatives like working from home or renting an independent office space. One of the primary reasons is because coworking spaces provide a professional space without the high costs that go with finding your own office. Not just that, coworking spaces help in bringing … [Read more...]

Networking and events: How to get your employees involved

There is no denying that it’s the employees who keep a business ticking over and can really turn it into a success. Smart business moves and shrewd management strategies are vital, but a strong company culture can make all the difference when it comes to business triumphs. This is all the more important for startups and small businesses, where a high staff turnover can be … [Read more...]

Cyber security risks facing your startup

Small businesses and startups are the engines of ingenuity, bringing vital goods and services to our community on a daily basis. The local support it takes to get a small business up-and-running matters, and so does the trust it takes to build and maintain local customers. Small business owners hold a hefty responsibility to be a positive part of the community. What they may … [Read more...]

Top marketing tools for small businesses in 2016

The marketing needs for small business owners have drastically changed over the past few years. While fliers, discount vouchers and word-of-mouth continue to remain top channels to attract customers, online marketing has brought about a big change in the way small businesses do business. If you are a small business owner, here are some top marketing tools for you to grow your … [Read more...]

The startup’s (budget) guide to ‘Always-on iT’: Don’t let downtime kill your startup’s growth

Ransomware. Data Breaches. Hardware/Application Infrastructure Failure. Human error. All of these threats can bring your growing business to a halt and kill your startup’s growth. So while you’ve got your hands full with building your product, user acquisition, marketing, growing your team, customer support, sales and a million other things, it’s critical you also take steps to … [Read more...]

Five ways to make yourself more efficient and cut down on decision fatigue

There is such a thing as decision fatigue. This means the more decisions you make in a day, the worse your choices become. This is an important phenomenon for entrepreneurs to be aware of, because they tend to have to make a lot of decisions on a daily basis. When starting a company, there are so many things coming at you--many of them you never expected--that the idea of … [Read more...]