Hacking the world’s wicked problems

The ranks of entrepreneurs, including successful serial entrepreneurs, are increasing. And we have begun to see signs of a new 'new thing'--the belief that entrepreneurs hold the key to tackling some of the world's wicked problems.Three sources confirm this. The MacArthur Foundation recently announced a $100 million grant for the “organization with the best proposal to … [Read more...]

Increasing productivity at your coworking space

Bootstrapped startup teams looking for a professional working environment often prefer coworking spaces over alternatives like working from home or renting an independent office space. One of the primary reasons is because coworking spaces provide a professional space without the high costs that go with finding your own office. Not just that, coworking spaces help in bringing … [Read more...]

Networking and events: How to get your employees involved

There is no denying that it’s the employees who keep a business ticking over and can really turn it into a success. Smart business moves and shrewd management strategies are vital, but a strong company culture can make all the difference when it comes to business triumphs. This is all the more important for startups and small businesses, where a high staff turnover can be … [Read more...]

Cyber security risks facing your startup

Small businesses and startups are the engines of ingenuity, bringing vital goods and services to our community on a daily basis. The local support it takes to get a small business up-and-running matters, and so does the trust it takes to build and maintain local customers. Small business owners hold a hefty responsibility to be a positive part of the community. What they may … [Read more...]

Top marketing tools for small businesses in 2016

The marketing needs for small business owners have drastically changed over the past few years. While fliers, discount vouchers and word-of-mouth continue to remain top channels to attract customers, online marketing has brought about a big change in the way small businesses do business. If you are a small business owner, here are some top marketing tools for you to grow your … [Read more...]

The startup’s (budget) guide to ‘Always-on iT’: Don’t let downtime kill your startup’s growth

Ransomware. Data Breaches. Hardware/Application Infrastructure Failure. Human error. All of these threats can bring your growing business to a halt and kill your startup’s growth. So while you’ve got your hands full with building your product, user acquisition, marketing, growing your team, customer support, sales and a million other things, it’s critical you also take steps to … [Read more...]

Five ways to make yourself more efficient and cut down on decision fatigue

There is such a thing as decision fatigue. This means the more decisions you make in a day, the worse your choices become. This is an important phenomenon for entrepreneurs to be aware of, because they tend to have to make a lot of decisions on a daily basis.When starting a company, there are so many things coming at you--many of them you never expected--that the idea of … [Read more...]

So you founded a startup, now what?

      Raising capital is a crucial process in building a successful company. In the digital age, there are an array of paths that can be taken when it comes to raising capital. However, prior to even considering an investment strategy a company must demonstrate that it knows what it’s doing. It is imperative to know your … [Read more...]

How to kickstart your startup’s marketing efforts

As a founder, launching a startup is a grueling process. Late nights of meticulous planning in an effort to deliver a polished product almost always takes the lead over marketing efforts. However, to truly be successful, having a solid marketing plan in place come launch is a necessity. While every product will have its own tailored launch strategy, let's take a look at some … [Read more...]

How to stand out at tech startup conferences

Tech startup conferences attract startups from all walks of life--big and small, new and old, east and west coast, VC funded, or still on the lookout for funding. If you’re anyone or anything on the tech scene, it is essential to put in the time and show up at the conference. While showing up is half the battle, it is also not enough. There are certain rules and protocols which … [Read more...]