1099 vs. W2 – What do on-demand workers prefer?

If you're following the on-demand economy, it's almost impossible to avoid all of the press around the workers being paid as either a 1099 or a W-2. Every single day there's a new article about how workers in ridesharing companies and delivery companies might be wrongly classified as 1099s when they should, in fact, be full- or part-time W-2 employees. What can on-demand … [Read more...]

2016 off to uncertain start for entrepreneurs

Startups are dealing with some concerns about the economy as we begin 2016. Only 68% of small business owners and entrepreneurs said they are optimistic about the economy, according to the January SurePayroll Small Business Scorecard. A year ago, 78% were optimistic. It’s hard to tell exactly what accounts for the difference – stock market, consumer demand – but optimism … [Read more...]

Old school versus new school fundraising: How for-profit companies are helping non-profits in the digital age

Technological advances over the last 10 years have changed the way we do everything--from banking to booking our vacations, so it is not surprising that the way we choose to raise and donate money has changed too. New methods such as crowdfunding and social media apps offer a means of utilizing the collective power of the public to raise support and funding for projects, no … [Read more...]

Take your startup global from the very beginning

The world can be the marketplace for any entrepreneur who is launching a startup. When building a new business, the Internet makes it possible to go global from day one. However, in today’s world, you need different skills than were required just 20 years ago to take a startup global. The keys are to think global from the very beginning and to be quick about it. Get … [Read more...]

CASBs: How to make the public cloud feel private

There’s been a lot of discussion so far about the public cloud and the possible dangers of trusting enterprise data to it. In a previous blog post, I also discussed a few ways to mitigate these risks. One simple way is to keep all enterprise storage inside the network--basically, an on-premise approach. But what that means is that the enterprise is giving up the well-known … [Read more...]

Startups: Got exhausted employees? Look to brain science

You’re a startup and your employees are fully engaged! In fact, your team raves about your company to anyone who will listen. Opportunity is everywhere, and the work is exciting. Unfortunately, if you are like many burgeoning startups, your people are likely wearing multiple hats, doing whatever it takes to get things out the door--and there are little if any systems and … [Read more...]

Instagram advertising: The new frontier

Since Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, advertisers have been looking as this as the holy grail of advertising potential. But it wasn’t until just recently, September 2015 to be exact, that Instagram opened its filter-filled gates to advertisers. Now advertisers have the opportunity to reach Facebook AND Instagram users…and all the data consumers share with those … [Read more...]

Real company culture has nothing to do with perks

Culture is not a Ping-Pong table with a ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ sign on it. It is not a company-branded hoodie or Invite Your Parents to Work Day. These things are distractions. Real culture grows organically. It originates when company values are set. In the rush to scale and please investors, many executives mistake 'stuff' for culture, endangering the very success they seek … [Read more...]

Five musts for a successful financial website

It's an amazing feeling when someone contacts your business through the company website and is completely sold during the telephone follow-up. Unfortunately, countless professionals end up losing business because their website is poorly designed and doesn’t use an efficient process for generating and capturing leads. I have made a living selling life insurance through my own … [Read more...]

Four hassle-free ways in which women entrepreneurs can raise funds

Women entrepreneurs launch businesses at a rate faster than the average rate of growth of new small businesses in the U.S. Despite the increase in number of women-owned businesses, the chances of women entrepreneurs landing venture capitalist money or small business loan dollars are very slim. According to the Center for Venture Research, a whopping 36 percent of … [Read more...]