How to kickstart your startup’s marketing efforts

As a founder, launching a startup is a grueling process. Late nights of meticulous planning in an effort to deliver a polished product almost always takes the lead over marketing efforts. However, to truly be successful, having a solid marketing plan in place come launch is a necessity. While every product will have its own tailored launch strategy, let's take a look at some … [Read more...]

How to stand out at tech startup conferences

Tech startup conferences attract startups from all walks of life--big and small, new and old, east and west coast, VC funded, or still on the lookout for funding. If you’re anyone or anything on the tech scene, it is essential to put in the time and show up at the conference. While showing up is half the battle, it is also not enough. There are certain rules and protocols which … [Read more...]

The U.S. pet industry: How it’s the perfect foundation for getting into franchising

The pet industry is incredibly lucrative right now in the United States and all signs indicate that it isn't going anywhere. And if you are thinking of starting a business, getting into this particular industry has a number of distinct advantages.Do What You LoveThere's almost nothing as important as job satisfaction. When you are happy with your work, your whole life … [Read more...]

Going to business rather than business school

Quentin Tarantino, when asked what film school he went to, famously said, “I didn’t go to film school, I went to films.” Many of the most successful entrepreneurs took a similar approach, forgoing business school and going straight to business. I did it myself.In many cases, going direct to business means you can expect to fail--possibly many times--before you ultimately … [Read more...]

The most crucial piece of advice entrepreneurs will never read online. Until now.

Entrepreneurs with the goal to launch the next 'Uber' are constantly turning to VCs, colleagues and industry experts for the crucial advice and insights they will need to build a successful online marketplace. It makes complete sense as many of these entrepreneurs are in uncharted territory. The sharing economy has significantly impacted the startup world, creating 17 companies … [Read more...]

Strategy: The ultimate business insurance

As a business owner, you are constantly making decisions about how to manage your time and resources. It can be difficult to make room on the calendar or in the budget for planning and strategy development, but the truth is that strategic planning is a must.Whether it's sweat equity or capital outlay, strategic planning is the single most important investment in the future … [Read more...]

Validating the various kinds of startups

If you have been following the articles here on StartupBeat, you may have, by now, realized the importance of validating a business idea before executing the plan. In a nutshell, validation is the process of spending minimal resources to test your business idea to see if there is a market for it and if your target customers are ready to pay you for your product or service. By … [Read more...]

Rise, you’re fired!

I attended the launch of Rise London (UK) last December - a re-branding of the Barclays accelerator, the banking giant’s flagship innovation programme designed to redefine banking through tech. The event took place in East London and was mostly attended by ambitious quasi-hipsters. The type with a sort of well-rehearsed but frighteningly egocentric career-pitch and a well-waxed … [Read more...]

Embrace tropical retreats with your team to grow your brand

Benefits of Yearly Tropical Work RetreatsIn the modern tech world, digital nomadism is a growing, potentially invaluable opportunity. Originally reserved for freelancers, the ability to work while traveling abroad can be applied to an entire company. At Poki, we enjoy the benefits of tropical work retreats every year. Here's why we do it, and how you can, too: … [Read more...]

17 startup tips from launching 17 ventures

Starting a company is not for the faint of heart, especially since most fail within their first few years of existence. The rewards of building a successful venture, however, can make it well worth the sacrifice, hard work, and risk. Having started 17 companies, the following are 17 tips for entrepreneurial success I've learned along the way. 1) Do something you love I only … [Read more...]