Startups and philanthropy: How doing good will help you do well

SUB building

By Trevor Neilson, co-founder and president, Global Philanthropy Group We’re seeing a transformation in the way companies, particularly startups, engage with social good. What was often a siloed, small-scale corporate social responsibility effort is now more often a highly integrated effort, embedded in the company’s DNA from the beginning. The lines dividing making money … [Read more...]

Women and startups – the numbers

Monica Eaton-Cardone

By Monica Eaton-Cardone, Chargebacks911 founder Women own approximately 30 percent of small businesses in America. In fact, according to the National Women’s Business Council, there are over 7.8 million businesses in the United States that are owned by women. Despite this, only three percent of tech startups have women owners. The technology industry, while growing at a rapid … [Read more...]

Venture capital boom provides opportunities for startups

Andy Roe, SurePayroll

By Andy Roe, SurePayroll general manager Venture capital is experiencing a boom, with funding hitting its highest levels since 2001, according to CB Insights’ venture capital year-in-review report. There was $47.3 billion in VC funding last year for 3,617 deals. And yet despite the headlines of venture-backed startups and IPOs, the actual process remains murky. What … [Read more...]

Female founders and the evolution of ecommerce

Lorraine Dahlinger, FromtheLab

By Lorraine Dahlinger, From the Lab founder There are basic, and well-documented, behavioral differences between the way men and women shop online. Women typically browse products, read reviews, look for bargains, and utilize online chats and discussion forums. Not only is shopping online a social act for many women, it’s an increasingly informed act. Women frequently take … [Read more...]

The crucial factors for startup success

Matthew Sawyer, RocketMarketDevelopment2

By Matthew Sawyer, managing partner, Rocket Market Development Most Angel investors, VCs and entrepreneurs agree that the success rate for startup companies is dismal. Business Insider recently reported that only .4 percent of startups that applied to the Y Combinator accelerator are successful. Research conducted at The Harvard Business School found that only 25 percent of … [Read more...]

Five ways women entrepreneurs can stop punishing themselves

Lori Bollas, SurePayroll1

By Lori Bolas, SurePayroll It’s becoming increasingly clear that working ourselves to death is not productive. More-and-more research suggests that long hours do not equal more productivity. Many executives are now doing less to increase productivity. And yet, for those women who own 30 percent of the nation’s businesses, the demands seem like they’ve never been higher. … [Read more...]

Silicon Alley catching up with Palo Alto? Gust releases its Q1 2014 data trends within the early-stage startup ecosystem

Gust Q1_2014_Infog

By David S. Rose, Gust CEO and Rose Tech Ventures managing partner The early-stage ecosystem is witnessing a startup boom, as an increasing number of companies apply new technologies to existing industries and seek Seed investments from business Angel investors and early-stage venture capital funds. First quarter data from Gust, the global platform connecting high-growth … [Read more...]

A message to venture capitalists: I reject your reality and substitute my own


By Paul Proffitt, SunDown RunDown founder Venture capitalists, your days are numbered. This isn’t a threat leveled by me. It’s not even an original idea of mine, but the writing is on the wall. Something new (actually old) is starting to take root and it’s not crowdfunding or crowdsourcing that will be your replacement. It’s something that goes back before the colonies—its … [Read more...]

Perspectives: The women’s economy starts here

Michelle Patterson, California Women's Conference2

By Michelle Patterson, Global Women Foundation and The California Women’s Conference For the first time in this nation’s history, women are now the majority of the workforce—and what a force that is. As the number of entrepreneurial women rises, it is clear that this country’s economy can begin to move in the right direction as long as these women begin to be treated equally; … [Read more...]

Crowdfunding the triple bottom line: With a successful Indiegogo campaign completed, Social Venture Network seeks to increase diversity among socially-conscious entrepreneurs

Courtesy of the Social Venture Network.

By Brian Kovalesky, StartUp Beat editor By now, crowdfunding has been used to jumpstart a substantial number of ventures, non-profit initiatives and personal causes. But one Ingiegogo campaign in particular caught my attention recently because of its unique and important focus on increasing diversity among entrepreneurs and broadening the availability of capital and support … [Read more...]