Eight golden rules of blogging that every blogger should know

Blogging rules image2

By Simon Horton Blogging is a phenomenon which has rapidly grown in a span of five years, outgrowing all other trends of our times. It covers most platforms ranging from social to corporate websites.  Businesses that utilize blogging as a means to market themselves noticeably increase their sales. Here let me take you through the eight rules of blogging that will mark you … [Read more...]

Becoming a ‘Superstartup’: What early phase companies can learn from Lady Gaga

ArthurMcKey, Consero Group

The world of business is changing. Fast. With the Recession finally releasing the world’s economies from its steel vise, we have seen a tremendous increase in the number of new businesses coming to market. In 2012, there were 514,000 new business owners entering the fray, and this number continues to increase. The attitude towards entrepreneurship is shifting away from the … [Read more...]

Conversation: An operating system to talk about

Brady Wilson, Juice

You may not realize it, but your organization is home to an incredibly powerful operating system (O/S). Think outside the realm of technology. What has the potential to engage and energize your employees, bring teams closer together and create a high-performing workforce? It’s conversation. Conversation is the common denominator behind 'apps' like customer service, … [Read more...]

Inventors: Five do’s and don’ts for your elevator pitch


If you can sell your idea to companies or potential investors, your product could become the bestseller every inventor dreams of creating. A well-designed formal presentation can sell investors on your idea, but before you get to that stage, you’ll likely have occasion to provide an 'elevator pitch'—a brief, informal statement that conveys your idea concisely and compellingly. … [Read more...]

Ten mobile app marketing mistakes you shouldn’t be making in 2015


Each passing year brings along some trends in our marketing efforts. While some stick out another year, others become passé. And we marketers extensively discuss about each trend, tip, trick and hack to improve our marketing efforts and ROI. But there is another thing we should know about: The mistakes and traps to avoid and things that we shouldn’t do or things that are being … [Read more...]

Choosing and shaping the right team for your startup


Having the right team in place is likely more important in a startup than an established firm. Why? Because established businesses have layers of management; written policies and procedures; and most startups do not. Startups are a work-in-progress. Moreover, the CEO/founder of a startup is frequently out of the picture, securing funding rather than holding the reins of … [Read more...]

Five reasons small companies fail to grow

Andy Roe, SurePayroll

Once you find the money to start a business, it is time to move onto the growth phase. Some companies grow fast, while others take more of a slow and steady approach. Some spend money to grow revenues, others cut costs to grow profits. There is no perfect formula, however growth—be it in hiring, new markets or more cash—is often the key to keeping a business successful for … [Read more...]

The love affair with public clouds: Why public clouds make sense


So you’ve decided to move to the cloud. What’s it to be? Public? Private? Hybrid? Multi-cloud? So many questions and so many options. You start studying the pros and cons of various options. You even check out what your competitors are using. It’s not a simple decision, and believe us, we truly understand. WHAT MAKES A CLOUD A CLOUD? So, is the cloud just a set of servers … [Read more...]

Five tips for raising capital for startups through MBA programs

Elad Shoushan, LTG Exam

The primary question that arises when you get an MBA in the U.S. with a startup is: Why did you come to study an MBA if you’ve already established or are in the process of establishing a company? I was asked this question a countless number of times during interviews for the business school I would later attend, MIT Sloan School of Management, as well as during the process of … [Read more...]

Outlook on small business and startup hiring better than it has been in years

Small Business Heats Up In Summer

As we head into mid-summer and the weather heats up, hiring in the small business and startup economy may start doing the same. There are several indicators pointing to a sustained hiring push. In a survey done by Paychex, 54 percent of small business and startup owners said they plan to hire in the next six months. And fewer than half of those were hiring in … [Read more...]