Arrivedo Launches API Giving Hotels The Marketing Tools To Create Personal Content And Local Experiences For Guests

By Sam Brake Guia December 14, 2018

Arrivedo, the first online platform with curated content of things to do around hotels, announces the launch of an API for hotel groups. The API will better support hotels in sharing content, self-guided experiences and recommendations with guests through a dynamic interface.

Arrivedo’s API, the first of its kind, allows hotels to provide self-guided experiences within their own websites. The flexible, dynamic interface of the API, lets hotels use the content of stories, routes, maps, places, photos and videos while synchronizing with their brand guidelines, requirements and designs.

Hotels now can have their own voice and showcase their recommendations to all their guests, not only via their websites, but also using welcome check-in emails, widgets, White Label solutions, in-room tablets, mobile apps and more, to reflect their own brand personality. Arrivedo’s connected platform can also integrate via web links, widgets or iFrames, enabling hotel partners and hoteliers to use this technology at their convenience.

Arrivedo allows hotels to act as local hosts and offer guests the most authentic stay possible. As of the beginning of October of this year, the company has created personalized Neighborhood Guides for hotels in over 250 cities, recently hitting the milestone of 1,000 hotels it now serves. Some of these hotels are operating under big brands and luxury chains, including Marriott, Intercontinental, Hyatt, Belmond, Wyndhams, and more.

Hotels around the world are competing with Airbnb to drive more traveler satisfaction and deliver experiences beyond providing lodging alone. One way to showcase the experiences they can facilitate is to tell a unique brand story to stand out. Arrivedo help hotels formulate these types of brand stories and display Arrivedo Neighborhood Guides via their API. Arrivedo platform also partners with digital agencies to support hotel groups. This way, both the hotel and the marketing agencies save on development and content creation efforts at a fraction of what it would cost otherwise.

“Hotels are reinventing their relationship with guests. There is more focus on personalized content, experiences and the importance of being a great host is growing,” said Alonso Franco, Founder and CEO at Arrivedo. “That is why we are raising our game and launching our API that will help hotel groups and brands offer quality content and an even more in-depth experience with guests.”

Disclosure: This article includes a client of an Espacio portfolio company