Featured Startup Pitch: Yo!Gigs – An open service professional marketplace

By Editor June 3, 2016

COMPANY: FATbit Technologies



A versatile platform for launching a service professional marketplace.


Yo!Gigs is a powerful website script for launching a customizable service professional marketplace. It offers a quick setup of a website catering to service professionals and seekers. Additionally, it has robust options like end-to-end communication, review system, bidding as well as task management. It has been acknowledged by several startups globally as a robust solution providing all the advanced functionality at economical pricing.

What makes YoGigs the perfect solution is that it involves quick and hassle free setup, diminishing the need to have advanced knowledge of coding. For entrepreneurs looking to adopt this booming business model, there is no better choice than YoGigs.


The fact remains that in the current startup ecosystem, you require a robust platform that can remove all the hassle of running the backend of a marketplace. Yo!Gigs was planned, conceptualized and developed on the same grounds. It is what makes it outshine all its competitors. Additionally, it has some innovative features making it a versatile and compelling product. These include:

Secure architecture – In the current market dynamics security and privacy are one of the major factors when it comes to ecommerce. This is why Yo!Gigs incorporates some of the innovative privacy settings as well as multi-layer security.

End to end communication – As far as the peer-to-peer business model is concerned, a marketplace cannot work optimally without a robust communication channel in place. This is why Yo!Gigs has end-to-end communication in order to make it easy for service professionals to communicate with clients and vice versa.

Customization – The best part of YoGigs is that it is fully customizable. It not only has an engaging UI, but can also be customized as per the requirement of the client with just a click of a button. With the incorporation of several best practices, YoGigs surely offers one of the unique user experiences.

Notifications – In the current market dynamics, it has become essential to have a notification system in place that can inform users of important updates. This is why Yo!Gigs has incorporated a robust notification center that not only notifies the seekers on all the latest bids on their tasks, but also the professional who can receive notifications when they are chosen for a task. This helps both end users stay updated in real time.

Pricing – Last but not the least, one of the biggest reasons why YoGigs has always been a hit among startups is its economical pricing. Despite having a host of advanced features, it is easy on the pocket starting at a price of $499 onwards.


Manish Bhalla has conceptualized YoGigs, with an aim to disrupt the service professional market. Along with his experienced team of designers and developers, he worked closely to create a formidable product that outshines on all aspects. Manish has over a decade of expertise in developing turnkey web solutions for startups, helping several make a name for themselves. He is an ecommerce expert with a knack for developing highly simplified solutions for complex problems.


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