Female entrepreneurship and disruptive startups to be center stage in Cascais

By startupbeatadmin January 5, 2020

Young women are outperforming their male equivalents at school and in higher education – however they are poorly represented within start-ups. What is wrong, and how can we better support them?

This topic among others will be discussed at Horasis Global Meeting, a conference to be held on March 28th-31st in the seaside town of Cascais, Portugal.

Over 800 leaders will gather in the enchanting city, to engage in discussions around the theme “Innovating Decisive Leadership through Times of Disruption.” Discussions on entrepreneurship at the meeting include:

Developing the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Individuals everywhere have through necessity to be innovative to live – but beyond this, how do we develop the entrepreneurial spirit? What are the aspects that will nurture entrepreneurs in a confusing, rapidly developing world? How should we protect the people of undeveloped regions so they may become entrepreneurs unfearful of massive, potentially deadly, losses?

Implanting Industry 4.0 into The Future

Industrial development segues naturally into level 4.0 wherein computers, automation and autonomy work coherently, and the Internet of Things (IoT) with its massive interconnect ability is a revolution. How will incremental business processes and management styles cope with this upheaval? Who will teach leaders what interactions are meaningful out of the trillions that become possible?

Breaking up the TechGiants

Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google (FANGs) have achieved western dominance and created many difficulties for agreeing equitable taxation. Can, or should, these giants be broken up? What unintended consequences may arise? What authorities might force action? And dare we ask – why?

HH Princess Märtha Louise of Norway speaking at Horasis Global Meeting

The list of attendees to the 2019 Horasis Asia Meeting is as robust as it is impressive. Among the startups leaders to attend are:

  • Igor Tasic, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Startup Europe Week, Spain
  • Ben Costantini, Chief Executive Officer, Startup Sesame, France
  • Marcus Dantus, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Startup Mexico, Mexico
  • Letitia Seglah, Chief Operations Officer, Startup Manufactory, United Kingdom
  • Alexis Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, 3 Day Startup, USA
  • Matt Kuppers, Chief Executive Officer, Startup Manufactory, United Kingdom
  • Marina Novoselova, Chief Executive Officer, StartUPworld, Russia

Founded by Frank-Jürgen Richter, Horasis Global Meeting has become one of the world’s foremost discussion forums. The meeting is co-hosted by the Portuguese Government and the City of Cascais.