Helpknob launches on-demand app to connect users offering and seeking everyday assistance

By Sam Brake Guia February 27, 2018
assistance app

Helpknob, an on-demand service app, today announces the launch of its platform allowing users to request or advertise help for a variety of tasks from people who are available in the local area.

Helpknob aims to connect users that are seeking and offering services for personal and home-based needs, bringing a 24/7 on-demand service to rural USA and beyond. Its app allows customers to request specific services, such as help with a flat tire, babysitting, pet care, or dog walking, on an ‘as and when’ needed basis, allowing those offering help to respond to these requests while reaping financial reward for their time.

Users can request to become a “helper” using the app. Once they have passed a background verification test, they can specify the type of service they are offering and their rates. Alternatively, users who need help can make a request via the app by presenting a “job card,” which contains all the necessary details of the job. A list of registered helpers who meet their criteria is then presented, allowing requesters to select specific individuals or make the job available to anyone. Once helpers have accepted the job, customers enter their payment details, but are only charged after the work is complete. The app then allows users to communicate via chat, as well as see the location of their helpers and when they will arrive.

Help AppThe sharing economy has exploded in popularity in recent years and is expected to be worth $335 billion by 2025. However, despite huge success in many major US cities, many consumers in rural areas have been forgotten, with few options when in need of help. Based in Omaha, Helpknob is perfectly situated to service these forgotten consumers, in addition to those in major cities, by giving them an option when they need a hand and time is limited.

“Our goal is to take this platform across the country — to rural areas and cities alike. In our hometown of Omaha, for example, there’s currently nothing on-demand. We hope to focus on cities like this, along with big cities like New York, to bring more options and help to a larger number of customers across the country,” said Mojiz Rahman, the CEO of HelpKnob.

The sharing economy has shown great potential to benefit the lives of many, connecting more consumers with the services they need, when they need them. We all require help in one form or another, and those in rural areas are no different. Thanks to Helpknob, individuals in all parts of the United States, rural or otherwise, now have the option to call out to their local community for help, making their lives easier, and the lives of their helpers a little more financially well off.