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By Editor January 15, 2015

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PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Outsource errands, tasks and everyday jobs to background-checked people in your neighborhood. Job-Runners is a website helping to make peoples’ lives easier. We connect busy people and small businesses with background checked Runners (service providers) in their neighborhood to get errands, chores, and everyday jobs done quickly, safely, and easily.

Users can post their job for free, briefly describing what they need to be done and by when—then, our background checked Runners immediately start providing quotes for the job if they are available and have the right skills/experience. Jobs completed on range from cleaning and laundry, to online research or administrative help, to handyman jobs, to small creative and web based projects, to event support staff for personal or corporate events, and much more.

Those posting jobs have total flexibility from a price perspective (there are no set hourly rates), and freedom to choose who they want for their job based on the quote provided, reviews for previous jobs completed, and a Runner’s personal profile information. Similarly, Runners have complete freedom to choose which jobs they want to provide a quote for and complete—they truly are micro-entrepreneurs.

Trust is critical in the ‘Sharing Economy.’ Many of the jobs completed often require Runners to be in the user’s home or place of work, interacting with small business customers or friends and family, or perhaps the handling of personal property/information. As such, in addition to providing background checks and a review system, we maintain a process which empowers users to decide exactly who they want for their job (rather than a system of auto-assigning) which is very important to our community.

Job-Runners is already operating in the New York and New Jersey area and helping 1000’s of people get connected to get their errands, chores and everyday jobs done. Job-Runners plans to expand to Chicago and Washington, DC in early 2015.

We have been in operation since September, 2014, and have already seen ~50 percent month-on-month growth which has been fantastic. In addition to helping busy people, Job-Runners donates a portion of its revenues to local charities in the cities we operate in. In New York City, for example, we support the charity Bottomless Closet, a charity supporting disadvantaged New York City women who are transitioning from unemployment and public assistance to work. So our users know they are making an impact in their local community at the same time as they are getting their jobs done.

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FOUNDERS: Laura Woodroof and Martina Segerer. Both management consultants before founding Job-Runners, Laura and Martina have held leadership positions with Deloitte, IBM, Capgemini, and PricewaterhouseCoopers

Born and raised in Europe, they have worked around the globe and sold professional services in over 20 countries. They have successfully managed and delivered large scale transformation programs, including complex technology solutions to a multitude of Fortune 500 clients. As a result of their work, they have built a broad and powerful network of colleagues, former clients and potential partners.


TWITTER: @Job_Runners


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