Lightning Pitch: Robora

By Editor February 4, 2015

Robora logoCOMPANY: Robora

PRODUCT/SERVICE DESCRIPTION: Create payment pages. Sell more. Robora is a payments company which helps you sell more. There are three ways we help you achieve this.

  1. Create any kind of payment page.

Robora lets you create payment pages, and fast. Charge monthly or annually for a service. Sell a daily deal. Sell or pre-sell a product. Sell PDFs, e-books, PSDs, zip files. You can even let customers set their own price for a product.

Once you make a sale, you’ll be paid out in days—not weeks.

  1. Free retargeted ads.

Anytime anyone views any of your offers created in Robora, we’ll create FREE Facebook ads targeted towards them. The goal is to get them to buy your product! People need to be exposed to something multiple times in order to pull the trigger.

  1. Customer growth and recommendation tools.

Once we get a feel for the buying patterns of your customers, we’ll go ahead and make smart recommendations on other products they’ll be most interested in.

Not only are we a company that processes payments, we really aren’t happy unless you are getting more sales.

That’s the key difference. We want you to win—really bad.

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FOUNDERS: Malcolm Tyson (founder)—Worked at a YC company, full-stack developer plus designer who created Robora to scratch his own itch.


TWITTER: @roboratools


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